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Selling a home is usually far from easy, and is more stressful for homeowners than anything else. Sell Your House Direct aims to provide a service that removes all of the hassle and added stress, and instead puts you in 100% control of the transaction. Everything happens as you want and need it to- from the timeline on your closing to special accommodations to help your transition.  If you’re a seller who wants a fair price on your home, but also want to avoid the hassle and time associated with a traditional sale, then we just may be the perfect solution.

We have seen it all and helped homeowners in literally every selling situation fathomable.  Click on any of the images below to view a comprehensive guide explaining your options.

Inherited home


If you’ve inherited a home that you’re unable to take care of or live far away from, you can rest assured knowing we have helped hundreds of homeowners navigate through probate.

relocating 2


If you’ve just received orders to transfer overseas, or you’ve been offered a new job in a different area, or simply need to move immediately – we can help. We can buy your house in 7 days or less and we offer moving assistance.

tired landlord


Managing tenants and maintaining a rental property can be stressful and sometimes expensive. If you’re tired of dealing with bad tenants and want to cash out from years of landlording once and for all, we offer a quick and easy solution for landlords (that doesn’t include countless showings while your tenants are in place).

behind payments


From growing debts to potential foreclosure, all aspects of falling behind on mortgage payments can be incredibly intimidating as a homeowner. We offer flexible and creative financing solutions that enable you to cash out on the equity in your home and avoid repercussions of damaging foreclosure before it’s too late. We can close on the date of your choice and in as little as 7 days.



In addition to the emotional distress of going through a divorce, you may also seek to liquidate your shared assets if neither you or your partner can afford to stay in the home. While it may be hard to endure the traditional sales process together, a direct cash sale will only require you and your partner to agree upon a sales price. Once an offer is accepted, we make everything simpler. No strenuous paperwork or negotiations, and no need to “prep the home to sell.”

Major repairs


If your property needs a little more than the average TLC and you don’t have the resources to fix all needed repairs prior to selling – that is completely okay. Whether you’ve got some leaky pipes or the house needs an entire new roof and overhaul, you won’t need to pay for or fix a thing before selling to us. We buy homes “as-is,” no matter the condition.

Any of these situations mentioned can mean that you are stressed and at a loss for what to do. We walk you through the process step-by-step and will ensure that selling to us is your best option. Even if it isn’t, we will be the first to tell you and to help you. We buy houses that have grown tired and run down with age, that have been inherited, or that may be a rental income property and you are just tired of being a landlord. We buy houses in any condition in Southern California and help homeowners who are often trying to sell fast.

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