Picture this scenario. You’re an instructor at UC Riverside, and you’ve just been offered a prestigious fellowship to teach at a school across the country. The only catch? They need you next week. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you and your family, but you own a house here in Riverside, and there’s absolutely no way it’s going to sell in a week. So what are your options? You could turn the fellowship down and stick it out in this smoggy city, sure. (After all, how could you live without being so close to the world’s largest paper cup?) But as anyone who’s ever worked in academia can tell you, teaching jobs are hard to come by, and this one may not come back around. You could make your cross-country move, put your house on the market, and wait, but that could take months, and if you decide to buy when you get there, that’s two mortgages you have to worry about.

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An Alternative Option for Fast, Easy Home Sales

Maybe it’s not a teaching position. Maybe you’re moving home to care for an aging parent. Maybe you’re tired of feeling like a beleaguered landlord. Whatever your situation, if you find yourself needing a less time- and labor-intensive option, Sell Your House Direct might be exactly what you’re looking for. No matter the circumstance, we’ll make a fair offer on your house in Riverside regardless of its condition, and if you accept it, you get to name your closing date. Simple as that. Maybe your house is in foreclosure, or you’re late on your mortgage payments, or you’ve just inherited a house you don’t know what to do with, or you’re going through a difficult divorce—we know that there are a million different reasons why you might want to get out of your house as quickly as possible, and we want to do everything we can to make that happen.

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Accept or reject our offer.

We want this offer to make sense for you, so we won’t hound you with phone calls or pressure you into taking it.

We close when you say we close.

If you accept, you tell us when you want to close, and walk away with cash in hand.

And that’s it. No gimmicks, no real estate agents, no hidden fees or commissions. Just a group of experienced real estate professionals dedicated to helping you unload your Riverside home as quickly and professionally as possible. We love this community and all of its quirks (yes, even the wacky ones—looking at you, Dickens Festival!) and we want to be recognized for the honest information we offer to the hard-working people who live in it, even if it turns out we aren’t the right fit. When that happens, we’re more than happy to reorient a homeowner towards someone who is. When you use Sell Your House Direct, you:

  • Get an equitable cash offer through our transparent selling process
  • Work with professionals who’ve handled over 5000 difficult transactions
  • Don’t have to wait on a volatile housing market
  • Don’t have to pay closing costs
  • Avoid having to renovate or upgrade your house

Let Us Work for You

Because our business is based on integrity and honesty, our motto is “The Seller Must Profit.” That means that if you’re not profiting, we’re doing it wrong. We’re committed to pitching the fastest, fairest offers around. If that’s what’s you’re looking for, get in touch with us today—we’ve got you covered, no matter your situation.

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