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Here at Sell Your House Direct, we understand just how important of a decision it is to sell what is likely your largest asset. And because selling direct to someone like us isn’t the “conventional route,” we expect you to have some questions about the process and how this all works. Click here for a few more reasons why homeowners choose to opt for a company like ours.

We took the liberty of putting together a few pieces of information that might help answer some of the questions you may have about this selling method.

So, who is Sell Your House Direct? Sell Your House Direct has been helping hundreds of homeowners throughout San Diego County by providing a direct solution to selling your house for cash. We purchase, renovate and sell residential properties. But, there’s a lot more to us! Learn more.

Who benefits from your services? Anyone who wants to sell their house in a quick and easy manner benefits from our services. Maybe you aren’t in a hurry to sell? We can still be your perfect solution. Read more here.

Will I have to make any repairs to get cash for my property? The simple answer is NO. But, how it is that we are able to do that?

Will you have to inspect my house? In most cases, we prefer to come out to inspect your house. In other cases, if you’re specific and honest about the condition of your house, we can send you an offer without seeing the property. But, Learn more about why it can help you get the best, refined offer.

More Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can I get cash for my property? You decide when to close on your house. We’ll work with you and your specific timeline. However, we can close as quickly as 7 days. Read more.

Will I have to pay any commissions, fees or closing costs? You guessed it and the answer is NOAlong with not making any repairs on your house, you don’t even have to pay for any costly Realtor commissions. Let us walk you through ALL of the savings you will see from selling direct: Learn more.

So, how does the Sell Direct process work? As you can probably tell, we like to keep things simple. Our Sell Direct Process is very easy. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch the Sell Direct video here.

What if you can’t help me? Our business model doesn’t work for everyone. If we can’t help you directly with your specific situation and your needs, we know someone who can- Learn more.

Browse Additional Resources About Reasons and Ways to Sell Your House:

Ready to take the next step and sell your house? Depending on your situation, there are a lot of options in selling. Learn more about the different options you have, and about your particular situation. Whether you want to sell because you have had legal fees pile up, or you’ve inherited a house that you just don’t know what to do with…we have helped homeowners in almost every selling situation. Check out our blog articles below!

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