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How We Work

Why We Are The Best

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Are there any hidden fees?

No, we at Sell Your House Direct handle everything. You will walk away with the cash we offer you. It’s all yours!

Who handles the closing costs?

In a traditional sale, there are many payments to take into account, and they are usually part of the negotiation between buyer and seller. The bigger expenses, like repairs and real estate agents’ commissions, would be the seller’s responsibility, but, when you work with Sell Your House Direct, you save tons of money because there are no agents, and we take your home as-is!

When will I get paid?

We work on your terms, so we can give you and offer in less than 24 hours and, once you accept it, we can get working. You will select the closing date, as soon as seven days, and walk away with your money.

Where do you buy homes?

Sell Your House Direct currently serves all cities in San Diego county, as well as other areas across California.



Jackie Evans

I would like to thank Sell Your House Direct for helping me sell my home with effortless ease. The entire staff was very professional. I lived in this family home for many years, and my decision to sell was handled with care. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell, buy or renovate. Oh, and my transaction was as short as it gets….17 days!! Thanks again Neva, Sarah, and Marcel for making my decision to sell a pleasant experience. You all are so amazing!! I’m spreading the word!!

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