Need to sell your house in Sunny San Diego right away? If so, the traditional real estate approach may not work for you. When you factor in the time it takes to find an agent, have your house appraised and inspected, and make recommended repairs or upgrades, you could be looking at a long, expensive selling process. Add to that the work and hassle that comes with getting your house ready to show, and you’ve got a bonafide ordeal on your hands.

Avoiding the Real Estate Circus by Selling Direct for Cash

For San Diego homeowners who want to bypass the stress of the traditional home sale, we offer an alternative option: selling your home direct, and receiving cash on the spot in return. Whether you’re in La Jolla or Hillcrest, we’ve got you covered. Divorce, relocation, foreclosure, inheritance, late mortgage payments—or perhaps you’ve finally decided you no longer want to live on the San Andreas Fault line (we can’t say we blame you)—we know there is a multitude of reasons why people need to liquidate their homes as quickly as possible. Maybe you’re a traveling nurse at Palomar Medical Center, and you’re ready to move on to your next gig. Or perhaps you’re being deployed overseas, and it just doesn’t make sense for you to hold on to a home from halfway around the world. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll get you a fair offer as fast as humanly possible.

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In short: we make it easy. And because we’ve been in business in Southern California for the last five years, you can trust us to do it well, and equitably. We base our business on integrity and on honesty—not profit—and we’ll go the extra mile to help you get what you need out of the process. Need a moving van? Got you covered. Extra boxes? Got you there, too. Just need a little extra support during the overall process? We’re here. You can call us even if you don’t need to sell fast—we’ve handled over 5000 difficult transactions in the greater Southern California area, and we’re a great resource for complex real estate situations. We’ll also save you money. Here’s how:

Selling Direct Saves You Money in Extra Costs and Fees

  • You won’t pay any real estate commissions.
  • We cover all of the closing costs.
  • We’ll take your house as-is, so you won’t need to put money into repairs, and,
  • You won’t need to have it professionally cleaned.

The long and short of our work is that we’ll do everything we can to get you out of your house and into your next chapter—whatever that may be—as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Let us know how we can help you do that by getting in touch with us today.

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Everything worked quite smoothly with the sale of my condo to Sell Your House Direct. I was pleased when they agreed to cover all closing costs. They were also quite helpful in working with my tenant who needed to move out after being in the unit many years. They agreed to give him extra time, and arranged to meet with him to get the keys and check the unit before he left. Since I don’t live in the area, this was quite helpful to me.

Irene, San Diego

After 34 years as a policeman in Los Angeles when I look for a company to hire I look at the reputation and integrity in the company. What I experienced at your company was beyond my expectations. I see a company founded on integrity, honesty, and reliability. I see you do what you say and you do it fast. In my opinion you set the standard for others to follow in this business. Thank you for making this such a great experience.

Edward B, San Diego

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