One thing’s for sure about the real estate market in Escondido: it’s a waiting game. Despite the City of Choice’s many charms (and a 7.3% increase in home value over the last year), there’s no long line of potential new homeowners waiting in the wings to snap up any home that hits the market. What do you do as a seller if you don’t have the luxury of waiting?

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When You’re Out of Time:
The Quickest Way to Sell Your Escondido Home

If you’re going through a divorce, have to relocate unexpectedly, or you’re experiencing financial hardship, you may not want to wait on a real estate market as sleepy as Escondido’s. Maybe you’ve been laid off, or a disability is making it hard for you to keep up with your mortgage payments, or you’ve lost a loved one and inherited a house you’d rather not have to deal with.

Or perhaps you’re losing your home to foreclosure, and you need to sell it as fast as possible. That would make sense: the foreclosure rate in the Heart of San Diego North is higher than both the San Diego metro and the national average. If that is indeed the case, using Sell Your House Direct could be the perfect alternative for you and your family, and here’s why:

  • It’s fast. We’ll make an offer on your house within 24 hours of you contacting us, and, if you accept, we’ll close within as few as seven business days (or on the date of your choice).
  • It’s fair. We’re a local, family-oriented business, and we want to help you maximize the profit in your house, whether it’s your family home, part of your inheritance, or an income property you want to wash your hands of.
  • It’s easy. No middlemen, no home repairs, no hassle. We know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re faced with the prospect of having to sell your home, so we do everything we can to make it as painless as possible.

How It Works: Four Simple Steps

Our process is straightforward. We know that you’re short on time and long on stress, so we’ve streamlined these steps so that you can get in and get out.


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After you’ve given us your information, we’ll pitch the most equitable offer we can.

Consider our offer.

We don’t use gimmicky sales tactics to get you to take the offer we make; you are free to accept or reject it as you choose.

Name your closing date.

If you accept, you pick your closing date, and we make it happen. It’s that simple.

We’ll even throw in a free moving truck, free boxes, and help you through the moving process if that’s what you need. We’ve said it a lot already, but let us say it again: we want to make this easy. At Sell Your House Direct, we get it: life is unpredictable, and sometimes it feels like you’re just doing your best to fend off all the curveballs it throws you. If one of those curveballs is that you need to sell your Escondido home—and fast—get in touch with us today so that we can start working for you.

Sell Your House Direct: Escondido’s Hardest-Working Selling Option

Whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help, and we want to do so with as little stress to you as possible. We’d never pressure you to accept an offer you don’t want; and, in fact, if it turns out that we’re not the right fit for you and your situation, we’ll work hard to get you in touch with someone who is.

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Selling a home that has been in the family for over 60 years can be a tough decision. There are so many memories tied to the home. I knew that I wanted an investor that would appreciate the property and renovate it so a new family/owner could create their own set of memories. I found Sell Your House Direct to be that company! Working with Marcel, Neva and Gary was very easy and enjoyable. Their dedication to helping the seller achieve their goals is unheard of in the industry! Communication and follow-up was fantastic, it made the process so much easier. I have seen the pictures after the renovation…wow, just amazing! How they transformed the home was impressive, very well planned out and they really highlighted the key points of the property. I feel very comfortable with what they have accomplished with my “memories”. I would highly recommend their team, very professional, but friendly, trustworthy and dedicated to doing what is best for the client!

Anjanette, Escondido

We were in a hurry of selling the house quickly. We received the letter in mail from Sell Your House Direct and thought it was a good way of selling the house, as we would have a lot less headache. Initially, we worked with Neva, she is very friendly and helpful. Then we worked with Marcel. Marcel arrived to our house on time for the appointment and friendly. Everything went well and now we are moving to the new house. They would give you many benefits by working with them, instead of going through traditional sales process. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to sell their house easy and quick!

Yoko, Escondido

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