Real Estate Basics

8 Factors That Affect the Value of Your House

Selling your property is a big step. You're probably anxious about the price you'll get for it and the time it might take for you to sell it. Before selling on the market, it's important to know your options first. Is it possible to sell your home without doing all...

Quick Guide to Closing Costs in California

Imagine that when chatting with a neighbor about their difficulty selling a house with mold in San Diego, you and your spouse began to wonder if you'd have trouble selling your old and outdated home. It's not that your house has similar issues or is in need of major...

The Benefits of a House Sale Net Sheet

Knowing the best strategy for selling your home isn't always obvious. There is a lot of advice available online regarding what you should—and shouldn't—do. Friends, family, and coworkers tend to want to give their own two cents based on personal experience as well. As...

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