Find Reliable Cash Home Buyers in Santee, CA

Has the Upkeep of Your Santee Home Become a Burdensome Expense?

Or are you simply tired of constantly fixing up your old house? Maybe high hospital bills or the increased cost of living have made the mortgage payments hard to keep up with. Or because you’re retiring and wanting to travel, you simply need to cut back on all costs. No matter the reason your Santee house has started to feel more like a burden than a home, there is a way to get free from some of the stress: Sell Your House Direct.

At San Diego-based Sell Your House Direct, we love helping our Santee neighbors by buying their houses as-is. That means whether you’re behind on repairs or making your home loan payments on time, we’ll happily take your house, too. We charge zero commissions and fees, so you won’t pay any costs to sell your home. We’ll give you cash and close in one week or less, which means you can also quickly move on with your life.

We Want to Buy Your Santee House, and We’ll Take It As Is

Though Santee isn’t as fast-paced as downtown San Diego or as up-and-coming as La Mesa, that’s exactly what we love about it. That’s probably what you love about it, too. Not everyone likes the hustle and bustle of big city life. For many SoCal homeowners, a quiet suburb is ideal. Plus, all the best attractions are close by. So, you can play golf, take the family to Sea World, or see a free concert at Town Center Community Park—then, enjoy a low-key night at home.

When you can’t afford to go out because the cost of homeownership has gotten too high, or coming home is no longer relaxing because there is always so much upkeep to do, it might be time to sell the house. Homes get older and harder to take care of. Life circumstances and dreams change as we get older, too. Change is OK. And it can be good for us—even if it feels too uncertain, scary, and stressful right now.

That’s why, when we buy Santee homes, we make the process as easy as it can possibly be. We offer cash on houses and take them as-is, even if there is mold, a cracked foundation, or plumbing that doesn’t work. We take rentals that have been damaged by tenants and problem properties that have been inherited but aren’t wanted. We’ll close on your house in seven days or less, too. You don’t have to deal with real estate agents, unqualified buyers, or cleaning and packing up the house, either.


This is how we work:

Step 1 →

Fill out our online form or call us at (760) 566-7716

Step 2 →

Within 24 hours, we contact you with an offer

Step 3 →

We close the deal and pay you cash when it fits your schedule

Step 4

We handle the rest, even helping you to move out

Send us your contact info, and get a cash offer today.
Or Call 760-566-7716.

In Only Four Steps, You Can Sell Us Your Home:

Fill out our simple online form → Or give us a call. Neither option will take more than just a few minutes of your time.

Wait to hear back from us → This only takes about a day. We’ll make an appointment to see the house—either virtually or in-person—and give you a cash offer. Of course, we’ll do this at a good time for you.

Tell us when you want to close → We can close on Santee houses in seven days or less, no matter what condition they’re in. But some people want or need more time and that’s OK, too.

Pay zero commissions and fees → We pay for all closing costs when we buy Santee homes. We’ll also help to pay for your move, which will lower even more of your stress.