What to Expect from iBuyers in San Diego

Interest in ibuyers in San Diego is growing rapidly, and people are wondering what it’s like to do business with them. With all of the uncertainty in the world, the choices for home sellers become radically fewer and less practical all the time. You may have watched the traditional real estate market in San Diego slow down recently and wondered what you were going to do with your house. Is an ibuyer a good solution for you?

Maybe you inherited the house and want to sell it fast, or you have opportunities to pursue in another region and the house needs repairs that you just can’t go through with at the moment. Luckily, there is an ibuyer in San Diego that is buying houses as-is right now and is ready to give you the same great deal as it always has. An ibuyer can be a convenient, reliable way to sell your house fast for cash and without making expensive repairs.

How Does an iBuyer Work?

iBuyers make offers on houses without sending a representative to see the house in person. This is a huge advantage for both sides: you don’t have to have a stranger looking around your home, and the ibuyer staff is prepared to make arrangements virtually.

There are a lot of other advantages to working with an ibuyer:

  • Cash payment—no waiting for bank financing to come through and no carrying the contract
  • Fast—you have money in hand in as little as a week; there’s no watching and hoping for buyers who may never appear
  • Convenient—if you need to move on a specific date, you can do that and leave things behind if you want
  • No repairs—ibuyers often buy as-is with no need for expensive repairs or even cosmetic touch ups on the seller’s part
  • No showings—there are no “prospective” buyers to impress because your house sells instantaneously with the right ibuyer

You can schedule an appointment online with an ibuyer and take advantage of modern technology—Zoom or Google Hangouts—to conduct a virtual tour of your house. You can also take pictures to share in Google Docs in a folder that only the ibuyer can see. A reliable ibuyer can make you an offer in as few as 24 hours. An experienced home-buying specialist will determine a fair value by comparing local homes that share similar characteristics with yours, such as:

  • Age
  • Style and features
  • Square footage
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Neighborhood

Be sure that an ibuyer provides you with a house sale net sheet that details all of the costs and considerations involved in your cash offer.

The iBuyer Scene in San Diego

The ibuyer market in San Diego started to heat up after Zillow Offer moved in in September 2019, paving the way for other national companies like Redfin and Offerpad. These companies were buying locally, but they weren’t local companies. That distinction became apparent when our lives all changed as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when ibuyers became even more critical for distressed homeowners, these national players baulked and pulled out of the market. They even went so far as to back out of contracts. They didn’t have the commitment to San Diego or the resolve to keep going to support the local communities.

But that doesn’t mean that San Diegans are without options. Sell Your House Direct is a local ibuyer, and we never stopped buying houses. As a committed member of the local community for almost 20 years, we have superior knowledge of the houses in and around San Diego. We live and work in those houses! We know the problems that come up with them, and we know the ins and outs of every local submarket. We know the problems you are facing in this area, especially now, and take pride in tailoring our solutions specifically to your case—we do not take the “one size fits all” approach of large corporations. We’re your local ibuyer in San Diego. We are here to help when they’re not. We’re here to offer you certainty in a time of uncertainty.

How to Sell Your House to an iBuyer

You can sell you house in three simple steps:

  1. Call Sell Your House Direct at (760) 566-7716 or fill out the online form, and we will contact you within 24 hours to set up a free, no obligation assessment.
  2. A home-buying specialist will discuss your situation with you in detail. And we’ll schedule a convenient time for you to give us a virtual home tour. Our specialist can then make you a cash offer and close in as few as seven days, or they may line up a list of offers from ibuyers in San Diego for you to choose from.
  3. Once you have selected the option you like best, SYHD will send out a representative to confirm the information we have, and you can set the closing date.

When you sell through SYHD, we do everything we can to make your sale go fast and smoothly. We even pay all the closing costs on the sale and even contribute up to $1,000 to your moving costs. You can’t beat that. We are the hometown ibuyer in San Diego and we are doing everything we can to provide you with resources to get through tough situations and provide you with certainty in uncertain times.

Get an offer today from a home-buying specialist who can help you sell your house fast with zero fees and zero commissions.