Wanting to Sell Fast, But Your El Cajon Home is Not Moving on the Market?

El Cajon, which in Spanish translates to “the big box” got its name for being nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. Compared to some of San Diego’s coastal towns, El Cajon is fairly affordable for San Diego County and offers great opportunities for first-time buyers to enter the market and still not be too far from the Pacific. The current median home sales price in this city is $436,000, which is significantly less than the county’s total average median sales price of $515,000.  On a good day, without traffic (which doesn’t happen all that often, if we’re being honest), one can make it to the coast in about 25 minutes from El Cajon. We recently worked with an El Cajon homeowner who had been trying to sell since Winner of 2016, and had a significant amount of trouble. Considering the nature of the hot seller’s market in San Diego, we were immediately taken back by this seller’s misfortune. But, once we learned more about the condition of the home and the approach the seller had taken in selling, we began to understand why the trouble.

Common Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

According to a recent article from Trulia, here are a few of the most common reasons why your home is sitting on the market and is not selling. While the list may go on and on, these “no-no’s” happen most often.

1. The home is priced too high: In a seller’s market, it is very easy to get carried away with the “what if” scenario of getting the most possible for your house. But, if you list your home for more than any comps have been listed in the area and higher than the market’s current value, you can miss out on a large pool of buyers.
2. You are too confident: Again, a seller’s market is a conducive environment in which a homeowner will be too confident in listing and pricing his or her home to sell. But, just because it is a seller’s market, does not mean you should expect a premium price no matter the condition of your home. Don’t think for a second that a seller’s market means that you can get lazy and not put the same effort into selling the house for top dollar…that takes work!
3. The location is not ideal: If you are in the outskirts of a city or in a rural setting, it may be harder to find the right buyer. While some folks enjoy being farther from city centers, others do not and find it to be inconvenient. Plus, rural properties tend to come along with more acreage. Again, this can be a huge benefit to some, or it could be a turnoff for others who are looking for a low-maintenance property. Lastly, homes in unique locations with less comparable homes are also difficult to price competitively. In many cases, changes and reductions are required to get the property to sell in an efficient time.
4. TLC is needed: If your home is in need of renovations or repairs, you may be losing out on buyers who are looking for a turn-key home. Renovations are not something that every homeowner is willing to take on when buying a new home, so this is something you should consider when selling. Are there changes you could make to increase your home’s appeal? Are there maintenance issues that may be demanded by buyers at the time of sale? If you want to sell for full asking price, consider getting your house in the condition that warrants that price.
5. Title issues: In some cases, title problems can spook buyers away. Some of the most common title issues we counter: a lien was filed on the house for work done by a subcontractor, a paid off mortgage is still showing as a valid lien, or conveyance without a recorded deed.
6. Bad representation: There are so many factors that can influence the misrepresentation of your home. The first, begins with the home itself. Many people don’t find it necessary to stage their home, and they leave all of their personal items around the house. When a buyer comes into a house, they want to be able to picture themselves living in it, not you living in it. The second could be that you did stage the house, but the photos are subpar. The most beautiful house can be overlooked if quality photos aren’t used in marketing and advertising materials. And because most of today’s research begins online, you want to be 100% sure that your property is being presented well in photos. Lastly, your listing agent may not be representing the property well. Not all agents are sociable, and not all agents are proactive in getting your home sold. If your agent isn’t marketing the home appropriately, your field of prospective buyers won’t know you exist.

Don’t Let Your House Sit Any Longer & Ditch the Waiting Game

If one, or many of the problems listed above explain a piece of your selling dilemma, we completely understand the struggle. When you list your house on the market, there is never a clear guarantee that it will even sell. But, there can be. Rather than waiting for your home or relisting it at a later date for a lower price, contact a cash buyer like us directly to receive an all-cash offer. There are no obligations, so if you think you’d be better off listing on the market, we will completely understand and help you along the way. But, if you’ve waited long enough and are ready to sell fast, we’d be happy to inform you of your option in selling direct to someone like us. You can contact us and ultimately choose your date of closing (it’s really that simple) if you like our offer. Worth a try? Give us a call at 760-566-7716 because we can give you that guarantee and peace of mind!