I Want to Sell My House Now, But the Noise from My Busy Street is Making it Difficult to Sell

by | Mar 1, 2018

For those who choose to leave sunny San Diego, most do so because of a life event or change, because of high living costs, or simply because something like the traffic and population has become too much. Because the vast majority of San Diegans commute on a daily basis and don’t rely on public transportation, there is a lot of congestion on our roads. This is seen not only on freeways and major highways but even on the side and connecting streets leading to freeways etc. The traffic is hard to escape in San Diego! If you live in a home where you’re constantly reminded of this “buzz” because your home is located on or near a busy street, the commotion and noise can be pretty overbearing. Constant noise can impact pollution in your environment, cause increased stress and anxiety, and can also have a negative impact on your home’s value when it comes time to sell. If you’re in a hot market, you may not see huge fluctuations in home values due to your home being located on a busy street, but the gaps become more prevalent as the market slows. This article will discuss some of the ways roads can impact your home’s value, and what you can do to ensure the noisy location doesn’t mean a No-Sale for you.

Perks of living on a busy road:

First off, we should mention that it’s not all bad when it comes to selling a home on a busy road. There are some very big perks as well. For example, if your home is located on a busy road…literally, everyone who drives by will be aware of its availability. Your “For Sale” sign will get great visibility, which is a huge advantage when marketing your home. Another potential positive in selling your home on a busy street is that for some, accessibility is a perk. For example, for those who commute or simply want to have easier access to major thoroughfares and stores, this can be very convenient. Some people love busy areas close to a lot of action because it means that they can walk or take a quick bike ride down to their favorite coffee shop or Pilates studio.

Road Factors that Impact Your Home’s Value:

  • Heavy traffic roads: Usually, a high traffic road means noise for homebuyers, therefore it negatively affects your potential list price.
  • Cul-de-sacs: The farther in a community, the less traffic, and quieter an area is overall. Cul-de-sacs are sought after and often improve a home’s value.
  • Dirt roads: Yes, there are dirt roads in San Diego County! For some, this is attractive because it means the home may be in a quiet place with more land. But, for most, this means more maintenance and a lot of dirt.
  • Traffic lights: If your home is really close to a traffic light, you could experience more noise from idling cars (and their radios, etc.). This can be a turn-off for some.
  • Right next to Highway: While being near a highway is convenient and desirable, being able to see it can be a distraction and potentially bad for selling. The primary reason is noise pollution.
  • Railroad: If you live on a railroad, you know exactly why this can negatively impact your home’s value. The problems with noise now include more than cars, but the honking of train horns at all hours of the night. If you’re right on the tracks, like many homes along the coast in San Diego, you may even feel shaking from the loud zoom of the train.

Tips for Selling on a Busy Street:

  • Landscaping barriers: There are many things you can do to make your home still appear peaceful and private, even when it’s on the main street. By adding shrubs to the perimeter of the front yard, you may be able to block out a lot of noise and create a tasteful barrier between you and the busy commuters on the street. If not plants, fences can also be an appealing option for homeowners.
  • Create an oasis: In addition to landscaping that can separate your home from the busy street, you can focus on making the yard you do have (whether in the front or back) as relaxing as possible. Add a fountain that will drown out some road noise, and throw in a hammock as well. Whatever you can do to create a peaceful space, the less scary the noise will be.
  • Windows: Your windows can be the key to a quieter home. It could be worth the expense to invest in noise-reducing windows that keep more of the busy sounds outside, where they’re meant to be (outside). You’d be surprised how well these can work.
  • Get creative: If your home has great visibility on a popular, busy street, then you may even consider marketing the home as a commercial space opportunity. There are many small businesses that purchase residential spaces and convert them into an office or another commercial establishment if the location is desirable.

Cut Out the Noise & Sell Directly to an Interested Buyer

If you live on a busy street, adjacent to a highway, or even on the railroad tracks, and the noise is making it harder to find an interested buyer- you can always opt to receive an offer from a cash buyer like us. We understand that if you’re ready to move on and sell your house in San Diego in order to start anew somewhere else (maybe somewhere quieter), you may not want to wait it out and see what the market will bear. We buy homes in any condition and in any kind of location… from busy streets to dirt roads. If you’ve done what you can to make your home attractive to buyers despite the noise issue, but things aren’t happening as soon as you’d like, we’d like to make you an offer or help connect you with the right resources to get your home sold now.

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