Uproot and Sell Your Escondido Home this Summer While the Kids Are Out of School

by | Jun 29, 2017

Selling and moving during summer is the route many families choose to take for a variety of reasons: the weather is better (and you’re not forced to pack and move in the rain/snow), the real estate market is normally hot, and, maybe best of all for some is the kids are out of school. Selling a home and uprooting to a different area during the school season can be very stressful for families with children in session at school. Moving during the summer months can ensure that your kiddos have plenty of time to adjust to the new location and area before they’re back in school in the fall.

The reasons why you may be selling your Escondido home can vary, but here are a few possibilities:

  • Temperatures in Escondido are some of the highest in San Diego County, and you may be looking to escape the heat and retreat closer to the coast.
  • Average home prices in Escondido tend to be lower than in other areas of the county. So, if you bought your first home in Escondido due to affordability, you may be looking to relocate to a more desirable area.

No matter your reason for leaving the city that is known for its popular Center of the Arts or the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, you have some options in getting your home sold before the bells ring at your kids’ school.

Preparing the Kids for Relocation to a New Home

Selling a home during the summer months while the kids are out of school can go a long way in helping them adjust. Here are some additional tips that can help make the transition easier:

  • Discuss the move and the sale of the home with the kids before you list and try to sell. By being a part of the discussion and decision, they may be more engaged with the change. Maintain a positive attitude about the move (whether you’re excited about it or not) to ease any uncertainty or resistance from the little ones.
  • Stick to familiar schedules. Moving out of a family home can be very stressful for your kids, so keeping up with the routines that you have control over (like Sunday game nights, family dinners, or park dates) can provide more support.
  • Get to know neighbors. If you know where you will be relocating to, be sure to take the family to the neighborhood and learn the lay of the land. The more familiar they are with their new surroundings and their new potential neighbors, the easier the transition will be.

Options in Selling Fast this Summer:

  • List with an agent: If you list the home with a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to obtain top-dollar for the house. But, you should also expect that you may need to make some repairs to the home and prepare it to sell. Once the marketing of the property and showings take place, then the negotiation phase ensues. While you may find a solid buyer for the house, you won’t have a whole lot of control over the timeline of the sale. A typical traditional sale will take 65 days.
  • List the home by yourself: If you are knowledgeable of your market and understand what it takes to list a home on your own, this could be a good option. This option is something that homeowners who want to avoid paying commissions to take. The two downfalls of this method: 1) it takes longer than any other kind of home sale (88 days on average), which could put you in a pinch to relocate before summer is over, and 2) it takes a ton of effort. Most folks just get busier during the summer months, so marketing and managing a real estate transaction can get quite stressful.
  • Sell Direct: The third, and maybe more uncommon method, is to sell directly to a cash buyer. While this is a method that people weren’t as familiar with in the past, it is quickly gaining popularity and a fan base. Selling direct means no repairs, no cleaning, no showings, no commissions or closing costs, and absolutely no waiting. By selling directly to a company that purchases homes for cash, you can cut out all of the uncertainty and control the terms of your sale from A-Z.

If you’re interested in receiving a cash offer and having full control over your closing date (and moving date), then give us a call or fill out a simple Sell Direct form today. We’d love to help you in any way that we can.

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