Unhappy with Your Neighborhood? Sell your National City House Fast and Find a Safer Community

by | Apr 18, 2017

Even America’s Finest City isn’t completely without flaws. As with any major metropolitan city throughout the United States, there are rough patches where poverty levels are higher, in combination with higher crime rates and overall lower quality of living. Depending on who you might ask, National City would be included on that list of the “rougher” neighborhoods in the beautiful San Diego area. If you’ve exited downtown San Diego along Harbor Drive in National City, you likely know what we’re talking about. The streets are in far from good condition, with treacherous potholes that will make your commute extra tricky.

For one of the homeowners we recently worked with, it wasn’t the potholes that made him anxious to sell his National City home, but instead, it was the crime in his local neighborhood (which is higher than the national average). Of all of the crimes that take place in National City, property crimes and violent crimes top the list.  As a dad to a growing family with his youngest now old enough for public school, he found himself uncomfortable with his family’s current living situation.  The home he and his family lived in wasn’t in the best shape, and he was surrounded by neighbors who hung sheets over their windows and had too many unlikely characters visiting their house at 2:00 am. Sound familiar? If your neighborhood doesn’t feel safe, you may find yourself looking for something better, and we can help.

How to Sell a Home in a Bad Neighborhood

As a standard rule of thumb, there are three very important factors that will play a role in getting your house sold.

  • Price
  • Condition
  • Location

These three components alone have the greatest impact on whether your property sells, or not. If you know that your property lacks in one area, you need to make up for that shortcoming in another. For example, if you know that the condition of your home is below average and that you need a new roof, but the location is a block from the beach, you will only need to adjust the price slightly. On the contrary, if the home is in poor condition AND in a bad neighborhood, you will need to adjust the price of the home in order to sell. Sometimes the price adjustment can be between a 10-20% variance from other alternative properties in a better location. But, one thing that you can do to offset something like a challenging location, would be to focus on the positives. While the location may not be ideal, is the interior appealing? Do you have a larger yard than the other homes in the area? Focus on the items that make your home unique to other lots in the neighborhood and amplify those aspects in marketing the house. For the right price, there’s a buyer for every home.

Finding a Safer Neighborhood for Your Next Home

The first thing you should do in researching new, safer areas to buy a new home in is on the internet. There are tons of tools and resources that can give you great insight into crime rates and school ratings etc. Some of the most popular are AreaVibes, NeighborhoodScout, FamilyWatchdog, CrimeReports, and SpotCrime. All of these platforms help in different ways; some address specific types of crimes, and others alert you in real-time of crime activity. Depending on what you are most interested in, these websites can give you an upper hand in finding the absolute safest cities for your next home. Once you’ve found a home in an area that seems to be conducive for your family, be sure to physically visit the neighborhood. Maybe, more importantly, visit the area at night. This will help paint a clearer picture of what the community is really all about.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the best cities to live in San Diego (according to San Diego Magazine): Carlsbad, South Park, La Mesa, Grantville, North Park, Chula Vista, San Marcos, Normal Heights, Encinitas, or Little Italy.

Sell Your National City House Fast for a Safer Environment

If you are having trouble selling your house due to the location/neighborhood it is in, you have a guaranteed buyer in Sell Your House Direct. We will literally buy any property, anywhere, and in any condition. There is no need to stress about finding the perfect recipe between price, location, and condition as mentioned above – because we’ll buy your house no matter what. We can even help connect you with someone who can help you identify a neighborhood that may be better suited for your and your family’s needs.

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