Top 7 Tips for Selling a Home During the Holidays in San Diego

‘Tis the season to sell your home? If you’re in this boat- your pain is felt. Selling a home can be stressful, and if the time to do it happens to be smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, things can become more complicated. With that, we’d like to help make your life a little less complicated and hopefully improve your chances of selling on the market should you decided to list it. Enjoy!

Selling During the Holidays: Dos and Don’ts

1 – Curb appeal still matters (maybe even more so): No matter when you decide to list your home, its curb appeal will impact the sale. This is your FIRST impression. If you’re selling in winter months where most of the leaves have fallen off of your trees, then focusing on your curb appeal should be a higher priority. The barer your landscape is, the more people can see of your home. So, is the paint in good condition? Will your old roof problems be exposed? Think about how the lack of greenery may play into your curb appeal and be sure to enhance what you can. Simple things like keeping the grass tripped and ensuring the leaves are all picked up off of the ground can go a long way.

2 – Lighten everything up as much as possible: With the colder months comes darker skies (yes, that includes San Diego). Whether it’s gloomy or overcast outside, your home can feel much darker than it is while in the prime summer sun. First, ensure that your interior paint colors are light, bright and neutral. A room that’s dark with dark painted walls will not sell well. Next, invest in a few extra desk lamps to place in your living room and any other rooms of the house that don’t typically see a whole lot of natural light.

3 – Don’t go overboard with seasonal décor: Some of us go crazy the day after Thanksgiving with Christmas and other holiday decorations. If you’re a holiday décor fan, we’d recommend that you tailor back just a bit. Keep things festive (as this is attractive to buyers during the holidays and can make your home feel cozy), but don’t overdo it. Too many decorations can make your home feel cluttered, and potentially smaller if some of the items are large and take up a lot of space.

4 – Look for buyers who are extra motivated: If a buyer is looking to buy a house in the midst of the holidays, there’s a serious possibility that they simply don’t have a choice. Whether they’re being relocated to a new job in your area or maybe have recently gone through a big life change- most people looking to buy in December are SERIOUS. With this knowledge, ensure that you (and your agent if you’re working with one) market to prospective buyers in that situation. This may mean broadening your geographical scope in marketing.

5 – The more flexible you are, the better: Not only do we all get busy with holiday social functions, but there tends to be a lot going on with families during winter months; soccer practices, football, extracurricular activities etc. Not being able to be flexible for showings can mean that you’ll miss out on interested buyers. The pool of buyers around the holidays is much smaller than it is during Spring and Summer, so consider listing if you know you’ll be able to flex your schedule to accommodate others’.

6 – Make sure your photos are fantastic: This is more important today than ever before!!! First, understand that your curb appeal and landscaping may not be quite as nice as it is in warmer months. So, be sure that you have professional photos taken to make it look as good as it can. This is especially important because most folks today will begin their home shopping experience ONLINE in the comfort of their own home. If the weather isn’t particularly nice, they’ll be less interested in driving over to see a home that didn’t impress them online. So, to capture initial interest…those photos have to be good quality to garner visits to your house.

7 – Price it to sell: this is another tip that’s also applicable anytime you choose to sell, but it’s very important during the holiday season. As mentioned above, there may not be quite as many motivated buyers willing to ensure a real estate transaction in the midst of the holiday season. With that being said, the smaller pool that is available may just be MORE motivated than your average prospective buyer. If you list your home competitively (or even slightly below), you should still receive multiple offers. Especially if you live in San Diego.

Selling During Holidays Still Sound too Complicated?

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “that’s all good and well, but I still don’t want to go through the process of listing my house a few weeks before Christmas,” then we have another option to discuss. For some, having to prepare a home to sell (meaning repairs, cleaning, reorganizing and decorating) and then wait through various showings and open houses before receiving offers simply sounds like too much. If you want to remove all of the hassles from the sale, you do have the option of selling directly to an investor buyer and jumping over the steps mentioned above. You can literally leap over all of the complications and jump straight to your closing date. If you’re interested in learning more, compare all of the differences between a direct sale and a traditional sale here.

We know that selling during the holidays can be stressful, even if it means selling directly to a buyer like us because it is a big life change and adjustment. If it helps, we cover moving expenses for all of our local clients. Maybe that will help ease the stress of selling!