Tired of Making the Long Commute to Work and Looking to Move Closer? Sell Your National City Home Quickly!

If you could name one thing about San Diego that you aren’t particularly fond of, what would it be?? For most San Diegans, their answer would be the same and can be summed up in just one word: TRAFFIC. While San Diego may not top charts for the worst traffic in the United States, those who commute would argue that it can be pretty horrific at times. Whether you’re heading south bound on the I-15 from North County to Downtown San Diego, or if you’re in South County and need to commute to Carlsbad up the I-5, you will find yourself sitting in traffic each way for at least a portion of your commute. In southeastern areas of San Diego, there are 2,400 workers commuting every day for 42 minutes each way and 40% of them begin their commute between midnight and 6:00a.m.

This struggle was brought to our attention when we worked with a homeowner, Ed, from National City who commuted every day to North County almost every day for work. Ed worked as a Project Manager for a solar installation company, which required him to drive a truck to and from job sites. Because most of his jobs were in North County, he found himself driving on average 45 minutes to an hour each way…every single day. Aside from the fact that this time spent driving was cutting into time with his family, the cost he spent on fuel was also a big financial drain. He finally got fed up with the commute and felt it was time to sell his National City house fast so he could move closer to his work in North County.

Unfortunately, Ed isn’t the only one struggling with commuter blues. But, many people feel like the benefits of living where they do outweigh the struggle in commuting. For example, a lot of homeowners who have families and want to own a home end up living farther from metro areas where they can get more space for less. But, being farther from work and enduring longer commutes can often lead to more stress than one may think. A study taken in 2008 actually showed that people with longer commutes reported lower “subjective well-being” than those with shorter commutes.

Why Commuting is Driving You to List Your Home Quickly

There are many ways in which commuting can have an impact on your life. Before you find yourself living far from your place of work, consider these things before you make the investment.

  • Time: This is the most obvious ways in which your life changes with a long commute- TIME. The time it takes to get to and from work is time spent in the car, driving…when you could be doing something else. Anything else! Spending time on the road means you need to wake up earlier in order to get to work on time, and you get home later. Both of these things mean less time at home, or spent on other activities you’d like to do. This can be a huge drain on your family time, time to socialize, or time to spend on yourself.
  • Money: The next big disadvantage of long commutes is the money it costs to drive the extra length. Because public transportation in San Diego County isn’t advanced as some other metro areas (and it doesn’t expand outside of urban centers), most of us who commute are in our cars. Depending on gas prices and the kind of car you drive, you will be spending more money the more you drive. But, not only will you be spending money on gas, you’ll also be spending on the extra wear and tear that your vehicle will endure (and more frequently than those with shorter commutes).
  • Stress: The last element that makes commuting bad for you is the emotional impact it can have on your life. Some of the stress can come from the time or money you spend on commuting, or it could be simply from the constant pressure to get to work on time and plan your days around the long drives. If you constantly feel hurried, your stress level will rise and you’ll spend more time worrying about where you have to be, or would rather be. A 2011 study showed that long commutes directly correlated with decreased energy, increased stress, and more illness-related work absences.

Ditch the Long Drives & Move Closer to Work

If you’ve commuted long enough and the benefits no longer outweigh the costs, then you may find yourself eager to sell to accommodate the move.  If that’s the case, a house buying company like ours may be your perfect solution. At this point, you may have waited long enough and can’t stand one more day of sitting in your car for 2+ hours a day! If you find yourself in this boat, do yourself a favor and give us a call for an all cash offer. There’s no obligation in receiving our offer, but you’ll have a lot to potentially gain. We’ll make the process quick and stress-free. We can even help set you up with an agent in the prospective area you’d like to relocate to. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you in any way we can.