Tired of Living Under a Flight Path? Sell Your Balboa Park Home Fast for Peace & Quiet

by | Mar 28, 2017

Balboa Park is a desirable area for countless reasons- dozens of museums, the San Diego Zoo, art galleries, and beautiful gardens…it’s no surprise why this 1200-acre cultural park is one of San Diego’s hottest attractions. But, living in Balboa Park does come at a price for some. Outside of the high cost of homes, Balboa also lies directly in the flight path for many of San Diego Airport’s arrivals and departures. If you’ve ever visited, you know just how close arrivals fly to Balboa Park. Having flown into the airport on many occasions, I have found myself cringing with anxiety at just how close the plane seems to be to the buildings and parks below! Now, imagine what that means for those on the ground…

Potential Problems with Living Under a Flight Path

  • Noise – Studies suggest that those living closest to airports and potential noise have a high risk for stroke, coronary disease, and cardiovascular disease. Loud noises can lead to spikes in
    blood pressure, and over time, disrupted sleep can become another factor contributing to heart disease. Also, adjusting your life to “tune out” the noise outside sometimes just means everything inside gets louder. Your peace and quiet time are limited, and even if you can tune the noise out, your subconscious does not.
  • Pollution – The air quality in airport areas is affected by nitrogen oxide, ultrafine sulfur dioxide, and other toxic particles that are creating health concerns. The particles can be responsible for causing swelling in the lungs and even enter the bloodstream. This can have a very negative impact on those who already suffer from asthma and COPD. Studies have shown that the airport in San Diego’s neighbor’s backyard, Los Angles (LAX), is the primary cause of air pollution and smog in the city.

How to Sell Your House Fast for Peace & Quiet

If you’re ready to move away from the flight path and are looking to sell your home in Balboa, you need to start considering your options.

How quickly do you want to move?

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If you’re feeling your anxiety tick up, and you’d like to relocate to a more quiet and tranquil neighborhood sooner than later, you should consider selling directly to a cash buyer who can close on your timeline. If you are flexible in selling your Balboa home, your other two options would be: selling the house traditionally with a real estate agent or selling it on your own. Because selling the house on your own can provide added stress and take a long time… an FSBO is probably not your best bet. On the flip side, if your house is in pretty good condition and you want to list it – find an agent who is very familiar with your area and have them help you price it to sell.

Is your home ready to sell as it is?

If your home is newer or has seen recent upgrades, and you aren’t in a big rush – we would recommend that you sell it with a real estate agent. But, if your house needs repairs that you don’t have the financial resources or time to make, let someone else make them for you. If you sell direct to someone like us, we’ll buy your house no matter the condition. This means that you don’t have to touch a thing, and can sell your house now!

What to do if you’re ready to receive a cash offer:

  • Call 760-566-7716 and speak to a Sell Direct expert about your situation
  • Discuss property details and what you’re looking for
  • Our team will develop a cash offer, and a plan to make the transaction smooth and maybe most importantly, stress-free.
  • You accept or reject the offer, no questions asked. If you want to list it with an agent instead, we’ll refer you to one of the agents we trust in the area.
  • You can close on the date of your choice!
  • Fair, easy and fast.

Peace and quiet are attainable and closer than you think!

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