Sewage Spills in Imperial Beach Making You Consider Selling Your House ASAP?

by | Nov 15, 2017

If you’re local to Imperial Beach, you may know why people are so upset over recent events near the water. Over the last weekend, sewage began flowing up the coast from Tijuana leading to many sick surfers, beachgoers, dead birds, and more. While Mexico has stated they didn’t have any information regarding the spill, some think that this report is false. Regardless, local homeowners and city officials aren’t very happy, and for good reason. While conditions have improved greatly since treatment plants were constructed on both sides of the border about ten years ago, the problem still seems to surface every so often. Imperial Beach, Chula Vista and the Port of San Diego have all filed cases against IBWC (who oversees water treaties between the US and Mexico) for pollution complaints. Back in February, a Tijuana River spill had led to pollution up the coast as far as Coronado for a total of 17 days.

If you’re a homeowner of a property near the coast of Imperial Beach, you may be growing tired of the stench that occurs during these sewage leaks…not to the potential harm to your health.

How Sewage Problems Become a Homeowner’s Nightmare

While many of the negative implications of sewage are no-brainers, we still put a few thoughts together based on feedback we’ve seen and received:

  • Unpleasant Odor. This is a BIG one. Bad sewage odors are nearly impossible to ignore and can make life at home not at all enjoyable unless you’re locked up indoors. For many of us who like to enjoy the California sunshine, this is very inconvenient.
  • Environmental Impact. Not only does pollution affect our health, but it affects the health of our soil and the plants and animals that depend on it. When sewage penetrates bodies of water, microorganisms begin to decay the organic materials. The bacteria are essentially strangling other organisms, which is not good for our plants and animals…and certainly not good for us.
  • Health. There’s a whole slew of problems that relate to water pollution and should concern everyone in coastal cities, not just Imperial Beach. Microbes such as bacteria like E. coli and other viruses like polio or infectious hepatitis live in waste that pollutes our land and bodies of water. Because of this, these sanitary sewer overflows are absolutely illegal under the Clean Water Act. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that spills do not occur.

Want to Escape Future Sewage Spills in Imperial Beach?

If these threats to your health and your local environment have been enough to make you consider selling, begin by weighing your options:

  • List the home with an agent. Hire a professional who’s well versed in the Imperial Beach real estate market and works to come up with a selling game plan. You will need to prepare your home to sell by making needed repairs and getting it in show-ready condition and then setting a competitive listing price. Your best bet to sell fast during the holidays is the list your home competitively and you should receive offers.
  • Sell direct to an investor. If repairs and open houses aren’t something you’re willing to take on right now and you’re ready to move on, then consider selling directly to a cash buyer. You can close on the date of your choice, and don’t have to touch or mend a thing.
  • List on your own. If you have the time and resources, you can also list the home on your own, or FSBO. You will need to be prepared to represent yourself during the transaction and negotiation phases, as well as market the property to sell. You can avoid agent commission fees taking this route, but you will have to invest a lot of time and potentially money in getting the home ready to sell.

Say Bye to Polluted Beaches and Sell Your House Fast

If you’re ready to make the move away from potential sewage problems and plant your seeds somewhere where these occurrences are less frequent, we’re available as a resource for you. Simply give us a call or fill out the Simple Sell Direct Form to speak to one of our Home Buying Specialists about your options.

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