What to Consider When Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

Cash buyers, oftentimes referred to as professional home buyers, aren’t all the same. How do you decide, first off, whether to sell your home to a cash buyer at all, and second, which cash buyer is the right one? Read on for some things you might want to take into consideration if you’re thinking of selling to a cash home buyer.

Do They Meet Face to Face?

Some professional buyers spend the absolute bare minimum time and effort on each account. The transaction is just a number and the people behind it matter very little. Cash buyers who care about their clients take the time to meet with them in person, shake their hand, answer their questions. A face to face meeting can help you get a feel for whether the company cares about you or just their potential profit margin.

How Many Transactions Do They Have Under Their Belt?

Experienced cash buyers are more likely to know how to get the deal done smoothly, and their acumen may allow them to give you the best deal possible. Don’t hesitate to ask how many homes they’ve bought in the past.

How Do Past Customers Feel About Them?

Reviews are king in our internet-fueled world, where you can let others know about your experiences pretty much everywhere, from your dry cleaner to your doctor’s office. You can learn a lot about a company based on how other people who have used them feel about them. Do they have testimonials from past clients? How did those clients feel about their experience as a whole?

What Costs are Covered?

If you’re considering selling your home directly to a buyer, it’s likely that costs are a big sticking point. You’ll want to check which costs a cash buyer covers. Some costs that you’d have to pay in a traditional real estate transaction that cash buyers don’t charge are as follows:

  • Closing costs
  • Real estate agent’s commission
  • Repairs
  • Cleaning services

Costs covered beyond those basics are extra perks that some professional home buyers offer in order to win clients and make them feel more comfortable in their choice to sell to them. For example, Sell Your House Direct may offers a $1,000 moving budget to clients when the financial burden of moving is too much for clients to bear.

process of selling a house for cash

Are They Upfront About What They Have to Offer?

This type of transaction sometimes gets a bad rep because there are cash buyers out there who take advantage. You want to find one who will give you an honest estimate and a fair price for your home.

You’d also like to think that the company would be honest with you if they believed you’re not a great candidate for their services. Do you believe they’d tell you the truth if they thought listing your house was a better option in your circumstances?

What Kind of Character Have They Shown?

A company who had done good in their community is probably more likely to do right by you. It shows that they care about people and not just about money.

Some fly-by-night buyers do a lot of damage in their neighborhoods, preying on those who are struggling by giving them less than a fair offer or charging for their services.

An ideal cash buyer has shown good character with their customers and in their community. To learn more about Sell Your House Direct’s charitable actions, check out our charities page.

Choosing a Professional Home Buyer

The simple fact is that the formula most cash buyers use to figure out how much they’ll pay for your house is incredibly similar. That means that the things you’ll want to focus on when choosing between cash buyers are the little extras, the things that set them apart.When you find a cash buyer who goes above and beyond to make the process are inexpensive, comfortable, and stress-free as possible, you’ve probably found the right one. If you have any questions about our services or the little extras we offer clients at Sell Your House Direct, check out this page that tells you all about our process.