Selling is Scary and Stressful for Many Homeowners, So How Can You Make it Simpler?

Selling a home can be many things: exciting, stressful, sad, overwhelming, work, etc. But, it’s not very often that you hear someone say that selling a home is “easy.” The truth is, there is no other investment that compares to that of an investment into a HOME. Unlike stocks or bonds, your real estate investment carries a much heavier burden on your heart. Your home is where your family grows, you experience life, your safe haven, and a place where memories are held. Because of your emotional connections to your “investment,” selling can be really tough…even if you’re selling to upgrade or make a positive move in life.

In addition to the emotional impact a home sale can have on you and your family, it can also be a lot of work. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you may find yourself feeling fearful about the following items (all of which are completely understandable):

  1. Not selling at the right price. What you sell the home for can have great implications for your future. If your home sells fast, you may find yourself wondering whether you should have held out and waited for more, higher offers. Selling “too low” is a fear that is very common.
  2. Wondering how the market will respond to your home. Because you’ve put a lot of time and energy into the home to make it how you like, you may become disappointed if prospective buyers don’t become excited about the features you so love. Will they appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into the upgrades? Will they like the home?
  3. What if you run into a buyer financing issue? An accepted offer brings a huge amount of weight off of any buyer and seller’s shoulders. But, what if something happens and the buyer gets denied a mortgage loan last minute? Buyer financing issues do arise and can be really overwhelming for sellers who’ve had their hopes up about the sale.
  4. What will the inspector uncover or find? If your home is an older home, or you simply haven’t put much work into repairs as of late, you may be a bit nervous about the home inspection. An inspector can uncover many hidden problems that ultimately can delay your home sale and scare away potential buyers (depending on the extent of the problems or damage). This can also translate into more money you’ll have to put into the house to get it sold.
  5. Not receiving any offers. This is the absolute worst! You’ve finally decided to sell your biggest investment and you hear crickets once it’s listed. Even if your home sees a lot of foot traffic from showings, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive an offer. And this is certainly scary…especially if your next home purchase depends on the sale of your current place. In this case, hopefully, you have a great listing agent who can act proactively and quickly to disturb the “silence.”

These are just a few of the fears felt when deciding to sell. There’s also the fear of having to fork out money to make required repairs to sell or the fear that the sale will take too long given your timeframe. Some of us ultimately feel uncomfortable at the thought of strangers walking through our homes with critiques and judging eyes…it’s certainly not fun.

Ways to Remedy Your Home Selling Fears & Stressors

Some of the fears mentioned above are normal, but are also unavoidable. While there’s no way to erase every single element that can make selling overwhelming, there certainly are ways to ease most of those hassles. By selling direct to an investor or cash buyer like Sell Direct, you can ultimately say “bye” to the most anxiety evoking circumstances.

For one, you don’t have to worry about timelines or your home not receiving offers. You’ll receive an offer from us no matter what and you can close on the timeline you need. You literally pick your closing date and that’s that. You’re the boss of this transaction!

You also won’t have to worry about an inspector finding out that you’re electric grid is blown and your attic is home to pests. We like repairs and won’t require you to make any at all. With that, you actually don’t have to clean at all either. There aren’t any buyer showings, so no last minute calls from your Realtor asking to arrange a pop-by visit to show the house.

Buying financing fears are also out the window. A cash buyer like us is just that- we can pay for your home with cash and you never have to worry about financial problems or delays as a result.

While many of these hassles can be removed from the equation, some fears may still exist in your mind. And that’s okay. We understand what an important decision it is to sell your house and it’s one that must be handled with care. Start by taking a deep breath and doing your research. Once you know which route you’d like to take in selling, start soliciting help from local real estate professionals to aid you on your journey. Sell Your House Direct can help you, even if the sale isn’t with us.