New Addition Arriving this Summer? Sell Your San Diego House Fast and Upsize Your Home

Reports indicate that August is the most popular month for births in the United States, followed closely by July and September months. With summer bringing in more baby bundles than any other season, expecting families in San Diego are probably figuring out what their living situation should look like in the next few months. Moving while pregnant isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but neither is moving and selling with a newborn baby. Can you imagine keeping your house “show ready” for open houses while having a newborn baby? I’m sure it’s possible and some folks pull it off, but it certainly isn’t ideal. If you own a home in San Diego that is shy of the square footage your growing family will need, you may be considering your options in selling fast before you get too close to your delivery date. Selling your house before your new addition arrives means you will have time to get settled in your new spacious home, and you won’t have additional stresses following their arrival.

Common reasons to upsize your home:

  • Space – this is likely the most obvious of reasons to upsize, but it is crucial when considering a growing or potential growing family. Upsizing to a larger home will mean more comfortable space for you and your children to grow into.
  • Lifestyle – Depending on your lifestyle, some folks just prefer more space to move about and entertain. If you find yourself or your family hosting a lot of social events or dinner parties, you may be in line for more.
  • Out of Towners – If you have a big family and they just so happen to live out-of-state, having a later space can mean that you can host your family when they come to visit.
  • Income – for some, the “grass is always greener.” Maybe you have enough space for your current lifestyle, but you have the income to support more…so why not?

Consider these things before you trade up to a larger home:

Is a bigger home in your budget? Understand the fact that buying a bigger house, especially in San Diego, usually means more money and a higher mortgage payment. In some cases, if you’re relocating to somewhere farther East or in the Suburbs, you can get more for the same price. Regardless, ensure that you are prepared for the cost of what larger might mean in your ideal neighborhood. Also, don’t forget the ongoing costs associated with sustaining a larger space (heating and air, water, landscaping, cleaning etc.).

Are you financially stable? Becoming qualified for a new and bigger loan can be difficult these days. Be sure to have a conversation with your lender about being approved and make sure to tie up any loose ends before selling your current home. If you didn’t do too much damage to your credit since your last purchase, you should be in okay shape.

Will my current home sell? If you are like most people, buying a new house will only be possible if you sell and unlock the equity in your current home. Because of this, it is imperative that you sell your current house at a profit. Unless you’re prepared to carry two mortgages, this will need to be the first thing you do before trading up for a larger house in San Diego. How long will it take to sell your current home? Well, that depends on a few things: the route you choose to sell, the price you want, and the condition of the home.

Selling Your Home Direct Means You Can Trade Up Before Summer

If time is of the essence and you’d really like to sell before summer begins and your new addition arrives, you do have an option in selling direct to a cash property buyer like us. Because there is no middle man and you don’t even have to list your home on the market, there is no waiting and you can sell exactly when you want. And for some, especially a family who is looking to quickly prepare for a growing family, the ease and convenience of the process can be their perfect solution. When life is already stressful, we provide options to make it less so. We can even help you move if that is one of the burdens you are facing! Give one of our friendly representatives a call today to chat about what you’re looking for in this transition. We’ll provide you with a fair, no-obligation cash offer.