Selling a Home in San Diego: What the Real Estate Market Looks Like for San Diego Homeowners

by | Jun 23, 2017

In San Diego County, median home prices have hit a new peak. We know that when summer rolls around, the weather isn’t the only thing that heats up in San Diego. The real estate market is following past years’ trend! The market is a hot seller’s market in San Diego County and the median price for homes was $530,000 in the month of May, surpassing the previous spike of $517,500 in 2005. San Diego (specifically the Carlsbad region) also made the NATION’s list for lowest inventory with a recorded inventory of 1.64 months. In May, there were only 5,060 homes listed….in all of San Diego County. While that may sound like a lot of homes, it really is not. All of this data may not make for the most intriguing of blog posts, but if you’re a homeowner in San Diego – it should.

What do these numbers mean to you?

Ultimately, home values are as high as they have been pre-market drop and inventory is super low (meaning a lot of bidding wars and increased buyer demand). As a homeowner who may be considering selling, this is great because it means that you will get more for your house, and hopefully not have to wait as long for offers. Generally speaking, it is the perfect time to sell.

But, what if my house needs a lot of work?

Luckily for you, even if your home is in disrepair, the high market will support a price for your home that you couldn’t have gotten a few years ago. While a traditional buyer may still be turned off by a home that needs work and is not turn-key, you have a pool of cash buyers and investors who can purchase your home no matter what kinds of repairs are needed.

How quickly can I sell in a seller’s market?

Well, this completely depends upon the route you choose to take in selling. When selling with a real estate agent, your chances of receiving offers quickly still depends on where your home is located and the condition it is in. A “hot market” doesn’t give you a “wild card” or free pass that allows you to sell your home without any delays. As with any real estate transaction, there will always be levels of uncertainty and unexpected delays. So, with a traditional sale, you can expect a quicker sale than in past years…but that could still mean months of waiting. This is contingent upon your buyer not having financing issues, not running into issues during the inspection, and also depends on whether you have priced your home appropriately. Some of the homes we have listed have received multiple offers within the first few days, others have been patiently waiting for a buyer for over two months (this is always the risk you take).

Are you curious about what you could get for your home today?

Given the state of the San Diego real estate market, you may be a homeowner who is beginning to think about whether right now is the right time to sell. If that’s the case, we strongly encourage you to do your research and take a look at what homes are selling for in your area. Another way to get an idea of what you could receive is to call a local real estate agent who knows your area OR call an investor like us who could provide you with an actual offer.

Leverage San Diego’s Hot Market & Sell Now

If you’re ready to move, give us a call today for an all-cash offer. You have nothing to lose and a lot less to risk knowing that the market will support the highest offers buyers can provide. Keep in mind, that if you want to avoid a traditional sale (because you don’t want to wait or pay real estate commission fees), you can sell directly to someone like us for cash. You won’t pay any fees out of pocket, or have to repair a thing. Tell us about your home exactly as it is and receive a great, fair offer. You may be surprised how much cash you could get for your home in today’s market!

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