Selling a Home with Lead or Asbestos Problems? Here’s What You Need to Know and Options Available to Help Make the Sale Easier.

by | Sep 12, 2022


Seller’s Duties to Share Information About Lead Dangers

If you are selling a house that was built before 1978, there are responsibilities you have in sharing information about lead paint and other sources with your prospective buyers. If you aren’t sure whether you have a lead problem that needs to be exposed, there are some things that you can look for. Lead paint that is completely intact isn’t known to pose a threat to one’s health. But, lead paint that is chipping or cracked is where you need to be concerned. Both the dust and paint chips can cause harm to one’s health, whether that is on walls, handrails, door frames, or even the soil around a house where paint scraps may be.

But, lead paint isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about as a seller. Lead can sometimes be found in the water in your pipes if your pipes contain lead. Other sources of lead can be older toys, furniture, and glasswork.

Lead Paint Disclosures:

If you have had lead tests done in your home, you must share the results of these tests with your buyers. In addition, if there is any information you have about items containing lead in your home, you must disclose this in writing. The EPA has a form available on its website for this purpose: Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards. Home buyers aren’t obligated to test for lead, but they must be given 10 days by the seller to conduct inspections. It is also required that a seller, or their real estate agent, provides a copy of the EPA publication “Protect Your Family from Lead In Your Home,” to home buyers. Similar disclosures are even required between landlords and tenants.

Asbestos and its Impact on Your Home Selling Process

Similar to lead paint, asbestos is most prevalent in homes that are older, and in this case built before 1975.  Also similar to lead paint, the problem with asbestos becomes severe when it is air born. The fibers of asbestos can be inhaled and cause damage to lung tissues. People exposed to asbestos have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and lung cancer.

What is asbestos?

For some, we’ve heard the word but have no idea what asbestos really is. Asbestos is actually a mineral that is mined from the earth and it has excellent fire retardant properties. Asbestos is most often found in the insulation of old homes, around heating systems and in ceilings, and even in building materials like certain tiles. But that’s not all, you can also find it in the following: glues used under flooring, popcorn ceiling, cement siding, boilers, and white tape and heating ducts.

Selling a Home with Asbestos: 

  • First, get an inspection and disclose the reports. If you think your older home may have asbestos, play it safe. All sellers are legally obligated to notify buyers of the presence of asbestos.
  • Determine whether there is a danger present. Is the asbestos in dust-like form? If the answer is yes, you need to seek remediation and safety should be your number one concern. Is the asbestos present in your concrete siding, but it is fully intact? This may not pose a threat because none of the particles are floating around.
  • Asbestos removal. If you have an asbestos problem, you are going to have a very difficult time selling the home unless it is removed. In order to effectively remove asbestos, you must hire a professional. You can expect to pay up to $4100 in order to remediate your asbestos problem.

Asbestos and Lead Scaring Buyers Away? We’ll Make You an Offer

If you have lead paint or asbestos problems and you aren’t in the position to rectify them financially and your home selling process is being delayed because of it, you do have other options. These hazardous materials can be scary for any home buyer, especially one who is not privy to what they really mean and how to effectively fix the issues. By selling directly to a company like ours, which has an in-house construction team to address the challenges, we won’t be scared away by the potential dangers in the materials (or the renovations required). We buy homes in any condition and in need of any major repairs. You can also rest easy knowing that we won’t take any shortcuts. We will address all and any building issues to ensure that the next family to find a “home” on your property is safe and secure.

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