You Can Sell Your Chula Vista Home and Pay Off Your Legal Fees

by | Aug 26, 2016

I never know who is going to be on the other end of the line when my office phone rings.  It seems like I’ve talked to every imaginable person out there, but nothing compares to the panicked voice of a single mother who can’t pay her legal fees and feels completely out of options.

Just this week alone I’ve made offers to probably three separate families who are facing lawsuits and lawyer bills, with no ability to pay the debt. I’ve learned from them that the feeling they have is unlike any other, because when a lawyer is breathing down your neck, and you’re already struggling to put food on the table, you feel like there’s no way to ever escape the situation.

Recently I helped a young man in Chula Vista who lost a lawsuit after a terrible accident and owed almost $75,000 to the man he hit. Luckily, he had heard of our company and I’m happy to report that we bought his house for cash so he could pay off his debt and move into another place.

Some Things You Should Know

Americans spend over $100 billion on legal fees every year and 80% of Americans can’t even afford them.   

So if you’re thinking of just skipping out on the legal bill from your lawyer, you shouldn’t. Here’s how they’ll come after you.

  • Liens:

    Some states allow lawyers to place a lien on your property until the fees are paid.

  • Mediation:

    If you and your lawyer don’t solve the dispute, you may have to go into mediation, where someone will decide how to settle the dispute.

  • Arbitration:

    Arbitration is the process of presenting your case to someone other than a judge. Some lawyers have the arbitration process written into the contract to arbitrate any disputed fees.

  • Lawsuits:

    If you don’t pay your fees, the lawyer has the right to sue you. The dispute can be decided by a jury or a judge, and most lawyers will only use this as a last resort.

But Wait… There’s More

Let’s suppose you’ve been sued and you don’t have the money to pay it off.  Here’s what can happen:

  • A creditor can legally take your property if you cannot pay the lawsuit.
  • A judge’s order may allow your creditors to take your car or put a lien on your house.
  • The creditor can garnish your wages, basically taking money out of your paycheck before you ever get paid.

Our Four-Step Process

So now that you see how the problem can worsen, it’s important that you act fast.  Our four-step process is simple and easy.  First, you tell us about your property.  Then we contact you 24 hours later with a cash offer.  Once you accept, we schedule a date to close–often within 7 days.  And lastly, we give you cash for your home.  It really is hassle-free.

You won’t have to go through any lengthy contract negotiations, hold any open houses, or deal with any listing agents.   We will also buy your house in the condition it’s in, so there’s no need to make any costly repairs or renovations.  That will save you thousands of dollars.  

And if that wasn’t good enough…

We’ll handle your situation with white glove service, meaning it’s all about you. For example, if there are any unwanted cars on the property we’ll take care of those and donate them to charity.

Call Sell Your House Direct

If you want to work with one of Southern California’s most trusted names, you need to give us a call right now. Legal fees can become a bigger nightmare than you imagine, and your Chula Vista house can be taken from you, and then you’re really up a creek without a paddle. I promise to get you a fair offer for your home and make the entire process completely transparent. So don’t wait any longer… call us today.

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