Sell Your Imperial Beach Home Quickly and Escape the Rising Tide of Young Professionals

by | Nov 4, 2016


When Catherine and Thomas first visited Imperial Beach, they fell in love with it. Its picturesque views of the oceanfront coupled with its easygoing pace set it aside from the other busy SoCal cities. They thought it would be an ideal place to settle in for life, long into retirement.

That was twenty years ago.

Much more recently, Imperial Beach began to change. With the steadily rising tide of young professionals moving in has come rising home costs, over-populated neighborhoods, and a landscape shifting from a slow beach town to something more commercial. With costs adding up and no signs of slowing growth, a quick, no-hassle home sale is now an important option for those whose original plans for a quiet retirement have been disrupted by the rapid expansion.

Coping With Growing Crowds Can be a Burden

Years ago, the slow pace of Imperial Beach was an enjoyable respite for many from the bustle of city living. Since the opening of the Pier South Hotel in late 2013, however, developer interest has turned an eye on the small coastal town. Much of it, in fact, has been scheduled without much warning.

The city is rapidly becoming another west coast tourist destination. Tourism means crowds, and the sorts of businesses that cater specifically to their interests, instead of established locals. Moreover, the influx of people won’t just be surfers and seasonal vacationers. The city has taken measures to offer more apartments in Imperial Beach, and this means that in areas where shops and storefronts already exist, there will soon be residents as well, creating a cramped and crowded shopping experience for those living in town. Understandably, this could make anyone who has been living in a place for many years feel invaded.

The New Cost of an Old Home

For decades, taxes in Imperial Beach remained relatively low in comparison to the rest of the county. As times went on, however, the increasing popularity of the city as a destination for new, professional families ensured that property taxes skyrocketed.

While most would consider their home’s increased value a boon, for the homeowner disinterested in refinancing, the only change will be uncomfortably raising taxes. Last year, Imperial Beach led the way in rising housing costs. For the fixed income that many retirees live off of, those sky-high property taxes can prove difficult to swallow. They can eat away at the hard-earned money that’s been set aside for your golden years and add unnecessary stress to what should be a relaxing time in life.

When Picturesque Scenery Meets Unsightly Construction

It isn’t just the rush of young professionals and tourists and the skyrocketing property taxes that are motivating long-time residents to leave Imperial Beach. Large construction projects seriously impact the beautiful scenery of the city. In addition to the resorts and apartment complexes, homeowners whose houses are less modern are finding it more and more difficult to sell with the competition from these new alternatives that cater to young professionals. This has impacted retirees in particular, as they often cannot afford to make extensive renovations on their fixed incomes.

Commercial factors aren’t all that threaten Imperial Beach’s beauty, either, or a homeowner’s ability to sell in a reasonable timeframe. With natural factors affecting the coastline and damaging the properties nearest the ocean, Imperial Beach faces an increasingly dangerous environmental threat as time moves on. The sediment pollution caused by the many new construction projects has also taken a toll on the local environment, and unfortunately, there hasn’t been many efforts to stem the runoff. With little apparent interest from local officials in protecting their hometown, coupled with the hassles of construction on a growing town, many long-time residents may feel it’s time to move on, and the sooner the better.

Selling to Save Retirement

If you’ve been impacted by the influx of development in Imperial Beach and feel it’s time to love on, you aren’t without options. With a quick and hassle-free home sale, you can avoid the aggravation of a traditional deal and escape the city’s commercial transformation. By going through Sell Your House Direct, you can:

  • Avoid the hassle of trying to sell an outdated house to an ever-increasing young professional population with expensive tastes.
  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with real estate agents and all the ensuing paperwork.
  • Start a new life right away instead of getting trapped by a lengthy traditional deal.

If your retirement plans have changed and you want to relocate sooner than later, contact us today to get back to enjoying a slower pace of life as soon as possible.

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