Are You a San Diego Retiree Ready to Sell Your House Fast & Relocate Out of State?

by | Aug 17, 2017

Have you noticed more and more of your family or friends are picking up and selling their San Diego homes in order to relocate out of state? You aren’t alone! In our very own office, we are seeing the same exact trend. And, if some of our team of real estate professionals are doing it, there must be something to it? In one case, a longtime employee had reached the perfect time in his life to retire. Financially, he and his wife could do it, and their daughters were all grown up and dispersed throughout the US. At the point of retirement and at a crossroads, this was his time to make a big move. He and his wife chose to sell their San Diego home to relocate to a small town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. While there are other factors like being closer to the family involved, this move really just made the most financial sense. With the sale proceeds from their property in San Diego, they would be able to buy the perfect retirement home in Tennessee outright. And a LOT more of a home, at that!

San Diego is one of the least affordable cities to live in in the United States, which is why many other retirees are taking a similar route in cashing out on their investment and moving somewhere more affordable. While the sunshine in San Diego and coastal beauty are without comparison, there are some things that residents struggle with over time: from endless traffic and overcrowded areas to high taxes and cost of living. With San Diego retirees’ collective savings and equity, most will have the resources to relocate with ease.

Sell Your House Fast and Retire in…

A few common denominators in the best places people ought to retire include a warmer or favorable climate, how well communities meet their needs (healthcare and transportation), and affordability. Towns with strong economic adversity are great as well, as they provide opportunities for part-time work if you’re thinking of working a bit during your retirement. The following is a list of states that retirees are moving to according to the U.S. Census Bureau (in order from highest volume to lowest):

  • Florida (No surprise here…hello sunshine, low taxes, and endless golf!)
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina (Beaches and low cost of living!)
  • Texas
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • Delaware (No sales tax, sounds good!)

Thinking of Relocating after Retirement? Consider Your Options in Selling:

  • Selling the home is traditionally with an agent. If your home is well-kept, has been updated during ownership, and you’re not in a big hurry to sell- this is likely one of your better options for selling. Selling traditionally will still get you a bit more at the end of the day (given the competitive nature of the market), and you’ll need that to support a comfortable transition.
  • Selling the house on your own or FSBO. Unless your career was in real estate, we wouldn’t recommend taking this route. Having to coordinate all marketing, showings, and transaction paperwork can be tiresome. If you’re entering retirement, the last thing you should do is load your plate with a stressful project!
  • Selling the home direct to a cash buyer. This can be the perfect solution for many retirees in that it is so darn easy. If you haven’t made recent repairs to your property (and you’re not interested in doing so), don’t spend time or money to fix the home up…sell it as it is. We won’t ask that you clean or repair a thing, so you can literally take what you want and leave what you don’t. Start with a clean slate. Plus, we pay you cash and can close when you want- so there is no hassle associated with buyer financing or delays…you can retire, cash out, and move on to your next adventure (wherever that may be).
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