Have the San Diego Heat Waves Got You Dreaming of Selling Your Ramona Home for a “Cooler” Town?

Extreme heat…heat waves…severe fire warnings…Santa Ana…record-breaking temperatures: these are all terms we’re used to seeing in the news at this point in San Diego County. Our summers seem to have been getting warmer and warmer, and humidity hasn’t let up either. Right now, for example, we’re experiencing record-breaking heat across California at the tail-end of October. While we love the sunshine here in California, some may find the excessive heat to be too much…especially in eastern parts of the county like Ramona.

We recently helped homeowners who had purchased a home in Ramona about six years ago. They enjoyed the space that they had (as it’s easier for homeowners to find homes on large lots in Ramona), but there were two things that pushed them to the point of wanting to sell: the heat, and the drive. While Ramona is still considered San Diego County, it is in one of the most eastern parts and demands a fairly windy drive up a mountain before reaching the town. During summer months, it’s also normal to see temperatures flare above 100 degrees for days in a row.

Aside from being uncomfortable at times, why is the heat a concern for homeowners?

Some effects the heat can have on your home and life include:

  • Higher electricity bills from running the A/C all of the time.
  • Higher utilities if you have a pool (in warm places like Ramona, a pool is very much appreciated).
  • Risk of fires. This is a big threat to homeowners throughout California, but Ramona is no exception. The combination of warm, dry weather and a lot of open land/brush can lead to severe firestorms. California wildfires just this year have proven to be a threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Irritability and health. As mentioned above, excessive heat can be downright uncomfortable at times, and even lead to heat stroke when temperatures soar above 104 degrees.

When You’re Ready to Trade in the Heat: Steps to Selling Your Ramona Home

If you are considering selling your house in Ramona, whether climate is a driver of that choice or not, you have three options:

  • List with a Realtor
  • List it Yourself
  • Sell to an Investor

Most people will opt for the traditional route of selling with an agent. In many cases, this is your best option. Selling with an agent will mean your home will get more exposure, both online and via open houses and showings etc. But, be sure to consult with an agent who is very familiar with your neighborhood. Ramona is a unique town in San Diego and the market moves a bit slower than the rest of other more urbanized cities. Select an agent who knows how to move properties in Ramona and can market and price the property accurately.

You also have the option to sell the home on your own. In some cases, if you have the time and know-how to market your property, this is a good option to help you avoid paying a broker commission fee. But, in most cases, this is not your best option when listing a home…especially in Ramona. The reason for this is because a lot of the homes in Ramona are unique and are hard to “comp.” Whether this is because the house sits on acres of land, or is completely remodeled with extra amenities that not every buyer would look for…it’s difficult to gauge listing prices when there is nothing to compare a home to. With this, we’d recommend utilizing a professional if your home is not in a development, and not listing it on your own.

One problem that some homeowners run into when listing a home in Ramona is waiting for it to sell. While this isn’t always the case, it isn’t uncommon for homes to take a bit longer to sell in Ramona. This is especially applicable when the home is not in a development like the Country Estates and doesn’t have many nearby homes to compare to (in regards to price etc.).

Take Control of Your Home Sale by Selling to an Investor

We’ve purchased many homes from homeowners in Ramona who had previously listed their homes but were fed up with waiting months on the market to sell. As mentioned above, some home sales take longer than you may like or can afford. In order to guarantee a quick sale, you have the option to sell directly to a cash buyer (like us) who will buy your home as it is and close on the date of your choice. This can be a great option if you don’t want to wait to sell.