Relocating to Temecula for More Space? Sell Your San Diego Home Fast

Life is full of unexpected surprises! I have a friend who has been a San Diego resident all of her life, and has found “home” with her husband in a trendy North Park neighborhood. They love its close proximity to hip shops and restaurants, nightlife, and all of the culture in general that the area offers. But, their 600 square foot, one-bedroom cottage is going to feel a lot smaller in the coming years. They recently found out that they are expecting a new addition to the family! With this wonderful news, they are also confronted with the question of: is our San Diego home big enough to handle another human (one that will soon want to crawl and “explore”)? Unfortunately, if they sell their North Park home, they won’t be able to afford much more in San Diego given the fact that median home prices in the area hover around $560,000. Another possibility that they are entertaining is to purchase a home in San Diego’s northern counterpart, Temecula (technically Riverside County).

While it’s a solid hour and a half drive from San Diego’s metro neighborhoods, many growing families are drawn to Temecula for its family-friendly appeal and overall affordability.

Rent in San Diego or Buy in Temecula after Selling Your House?

If affordability (and space) is a primary determinant in whether your expanding family chooses to stay or move, let’s look at the variations between what you can get in regards to space for the price. In San Diego, you can still expect to pay $2261 on average for an apartment if you’re exploring rental options. There’s no escaping the fact that San Diego is an expensive place to live, whether you’re renting or buying! This option likely won’t give you more space for the price. On the other hand, if you decide to relocate to Temecula, you can get quite a bit more square footage and space for the same price (give or take). Median home prices in Temecula are currently at $415,000 (or about $2156 per month). And even less, Temecula’s neighboring city, Murrieta has a low median price of $379,000. In addition, most of these newer homes in are developments which feature floorplans with walk-in closets, extra storage, and more bedrooms.

What to Expect When Moving to Temecula:


  • More for less – Due to the price and development of affordable homes, families have access to much more house for their dollar. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a 3,000 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths for the city’s median home price.
  • Family friendly – Temecula is home to countless recreational areas, newer parks and sports fields, and notably fantastic schools. The schools, in particular, are a huge driver in families relocating to Temecula. Temecula currently has 33 schools and they are some of the highest rated in the state.
  • Wine country – finding their niche in Temecula, wineries take up acreage in the rolling vineyards in the area and are a big attraction for residents and visitors. With great restaurants, live music, and stunning views, wine country life could be easy to get used to.


  • Commute – Okay, if you have had to head North on the I-15 any time between 2-8pm on a Friday, you know what we mean when we say “commute.” But, this bumper to bumper life isn’t restricted to Friday’s. If you commute to San Diego or Los Angeles for work, you can expect to spend 2.5-4 hours in your car each day. So be sure to account for gas expenses in making this move!
  • Less “buzz” – If you’re used to being able to walk to countless cafes or bars, you may notice that the scene is a bit different in Temecula. While many are drawn to wine country, the lifestyle overall is much slower than a community like North Park.
  • Farther from the coast – For those beach lovers, you will be farther from the coast and can expect an hour trek to visit the Pacific. For some, that isn’t all that bad as they are now closer to lakes (like Canyon Lake or Lake Elsinore). While some outlying Eastern San Diego counties see similar temperatures to Temecula, you better hope your A/C works well or that you have access to a swimming pool during the hot summer months.

Options in Selling Your San Diego House Quickly

If you’re looking to make a lifestyle shift and relocate from San Diego to Temecula for more space and a family friendly environment, you do have options in selling your house fast. You can opt to sell traditionally with a real estate agent, but be sure that you are prepared for the “normal” selling duration. If you’re more inclined to move quickly (especially if your family is growing), you may want to unlock equity from your San Diego house to purchase the new place in Temecula. Here at Sell Your House Direct, our experts help families through this exact situation. We know what its like to need a quick close and cash for your home’s sale to move onto the next phase in life. We’d love to help walk you through your options, and can even connect you with an agent in Temecula to find your new home (if you haven’t already)!