Relocating From Camp Pendleton? You Can Sell Your House for Cash

As a veteran myself, one of the greatest moments of my real estate career came when I bought the house of a young marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. His name was Chris, he was a newlywed with a baby on the way, and when he contacted me, he only had a few days before he had to report overseas. His tour was going to be long and he and his wife had decided that selling the house was the best bet so she could move into an apartment closer to her parents while he was away. But they didn’t have time to put the house on the market, so they felt trapped and out of time.

I’ve done a lot of deals in my life but this one sticks out. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I was a soldier, too, but it was also about helping this young family at a time when Chris was providing such a generous service to his country. Giving them a cash offer on their home so they could focus on their future and stop stressing about the sale was one of my prouder moments.

We’ve worked with other members of the armed forces since then, but Chris was our first. If you’re being relocated from Camp Pendleton and only have a short window to unload your house before you go, we can help.

Consider the Real Estate Market in San Diego

Living in San Diego is incredibly expensive. If you’re a homeowner, you probably know this. So while selling your home on the market may sound like a good idea because you can justify a high asking price, you have to realize that with prices so crazy right now, very few people can afford to buy.

The average salary needed for a person to buy a home in San Diego is around $104,000. Keep in mind that the national average is around $49,000, so we’re talking at least double. The median price for a house in the area hovers somewhere close to $555,000, which is probably why the average home takes 60 days to sell.

So you have to ask yourself: Do you have 60 days to spare?

The Benefits of Selling for Cash

Aside from the obvious advantage a cash sale – you can unload the house and go on your way with the money in hand – there are some other benefits you might not have considered:

Forget the Repairs: If your home features out-of-date appliances, doesn’t boast landscaping to boost the curb appeal, or needs major upgrades (say, a new roof), you could be looking at one of two things. Either the house will sit on the market because it can’t compete with other homes in the area or you’ll need to spend a sizable chunk of change getting the house ready to sell. We’re guessing you don’t have the time – or the spare cash – for the latter. That’s why we’re here to take the house off your hands, regardless of what condition it’s in.  

Time Is on Your Side: Your home could sit on the market for months at a time, and even if you do find a prospective buyer, there’s no guarantee the deal will go through. Often times the buyer can’t get the loan or the house won’t pass inspection – maybe there’s asbestos under the kitchen linoleum that you never knew about? – which leaves you right where you started. If you’re shipping out sooner rather than later, a quick cash deal ensures the house will be off your hands before you leave.

Sell Your House Direct Would Be Honored to Serve You

As a veteran-run company, we would like nothing more than to make this part of your life a little bit easier. That’s why we make cash offers in about 24 hours and close the deal in as little as seven days. We’ve helped other soldiers sell their homes, and we can do the same for your if you’re leaving Camp Pendleton. So make sure you take advantage of a real estate company that knows what you’re going through. Let us buy your home so you can focus on more important things. Call us today.