I’m Relocating at the Beginning of the Year for a New Job & Need to Sell My San Diego Home During the Holidays

by | Nov 9, 2017

The New Year has always been a good time for a change. You’re setting resolutions, you’re reflecting on the year you had (the good and the bad), and you’re probably thinking about what you want next year to look like. For some of us, that may just be “I NEED to get a new job.” For whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your current role or your company and the New Year sure does seem like the perfect time for a fresh start. You aren’t the only one feeling this way!

Here Are Some Tips If You’re Relocating for a Work Opportunity

  • Take a recon mission to your new city and explore: Start to become more familiar with the area and take notes on neighborhoods you could see yourself fitting into well. Even if you don’t find your next permanent landing spot, you may stumble upon a delicious restaurant or the perfect sports bar that can make you that much more comfortable in your new home.
  • Does your new company offer temporary housing? This can be especially helpful if you’re waiting to sell your current house- no one enjoys paying two real estate bills in a given month. Explore all options, but this may be a good alternative to save you some money and keep you from signing a lease for a property that you haven’t seen, etc.
  • Packing up the house: This part is never fun, let’s be honest. But, your new company may offer transportation packages that cover all or some of the fees associated with moving all of your goods to another state. If you absorb moving costs personally, be sure to save the receipts for future tax reductions. Check out IRS Tax Topic 455 for details on which expenses qualify.

The most important thing you can do is research and find out what’s available to you to help make the move simpler. And, if your new company doesn’t typically provide relocation assistance, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for it. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! If they want you, they will do what they can to ensure your start with their company heads off on the right foot.

Selling Before Relocating Has its Pros & Cons

We recently received a call from a young business analyst, Jack, who had just landed the perfect opportunity for a big wig job in Chicago. He was so elated by the opportunity as the pay was significantly more than his current job, and the benefits were over the top. The only problem with this job relocation: he would need to sell his house first before moving out to Chicago. Jack knew it would be months before he’d make a trip back to San Diego, so selling the home before he relocated was the best option. The potential problems for Jack were that a) he was on a short timeframe before he needed to be in Chicago in the New Year and b) he bought a fixer home with the intention of renovating it, but never really got around to making the needed repairs. So, that’s where we stepped in to walk Jack through his options.

Cons of selling before you relocate:

  • A time contingent job offer may not give you time to sell (selling traditionally on the market takes 69 days).
  • Needing to pack AND get your home in show-ready condition can be nearly impossible.
  • You’re too busy to coordinate your schedule around open houses.
  • You don’t have the extra funds for repairs needed in order to sell.
  • What if you move and figure out you don’t like your new job after all?
  • Maybe the market’s current condition isn’t ideal for selling.

Pros to selling first, and then moving:

  • You don’t need to stress about coordinating the sale of your home from a different state.
  • You can use the profits from the sale to purchase a new home in your new city (plus help with moving expenses).
  • You don’t have to pay two mortgages/payments each month.
  • You’d be given yourself a truly fresh start in a new place, with nothing tying you to your old job/home.

Here are some other options to consider when relocating.

Sell Your House During the Holidays for a Fresh Start in the New Year

If you’ve been offered a new job and are looking to relocate at the start of the New Year, it is possible to sell your house fast this holiday season. While we know that selling a home during the holidays is not easy, especially on top of needing to pack up for a big move such as this, there are exceptions to the rule. The exception? Selling direct to a home buyer who can eliminate added time, stress, fees, and energy needed on your part. If you need to sell fast and you cringe at the thought of open houses while you’re trying to prep for relocation, then give us a call to learn more about the simple sell direct process.

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