Quickly Selling Your Carlsbad House After Being Relocated for Work

“We’re relocating.”

With the exception of being told that you no longer have a job, there are few phrases that conjure up as much unease and uncertainty as being told that your job is relocating. Sometimes it might be that the whole company is pulling up stakes, and other times that your particular position isn’t going to be needed at the current location. I’ve had a lot of people in the region tell me that this has happened to them, and part of that is the new economy.

Take Carlsbad for example. It has a booming tech industry—Google even said it was the “digital capital of California” in 2013. But that also means a lot of transience, both in the tech industry itself and in the auxiliary industries that surround it (logistics, support, even catering). After all, the industry spreads from as far south as San Diego to north of the Bay Area, and a tech worker can be transferred at any point, as can people who work in support. If that’s happened to you, as it has happened with so many people, you may need to sell your house fast, so that you don’t have an albatross around your neck as you prepare to start in a new city. Selling your home quickly and at a fair price is a key part of your relocation, allowing you to fully move on, and not be stuck in two cities at once.

What Happens with a Relocation

Not too long ago, we had a client, April, who worked as a programmer for a major tech company who had offices in Carlsbad. It was a decent job, and she had recently bought a pretty house in the Magnolia Phase neighborhood toward the north of the city. She liked it, and was thinking about fixing up all the things that needed fixing up, when she got the news that the work of her entire department was being transferred to company headquarters in Oakland. She wasn’t sure if she should look for a new job, but since the move came with a raise, she decided she had to take it.

This is the case with a lot of people. Few want to transfer, and uproot their family, but sometimes you have to. April felt that she did. She knew that job security was always tenuous, as it is for most people. The average length to stay at a job is a little more than four years these days. So it is understandably hard to give up something good, even if there is a sacrifice involved. The problem is that she had a house.

She was eager to get going, because while the company was understanding, they weren’t terribly flexible (and she was luckier than most in terms of how understanding they were). She did the right thing, and negotiated moving costs. About 65% of companies will pay for moving costs, but not always unless you ask, so make sure that you bring that up when being told that you have to hit the highway. But obviously the company wasn’t going to buy her house, nor was it going to pay her mortgage on the house or rent on her more expensive Bay Area living quarters. She would be renting, but given that market, it was like having two mortgages all of the sudden.

Two mortgages was one more than she was able to afford. But her house wasn’t selling. It was a healthy market, but a buyers’ one. The other problem was that the house needed some work. Carlsbad was improving economically, and her house, while nice and cute, was a little behind the times. But she didn’t have the money to move and to do repairs.  She didn’t have any leverage, and was getting increasingly desperate to sell before the move was finalized. She didn’t want to be starting a new job in a new city while navigating a home sale from 500 miles away. As she told us, she felt trapped, like there was no good option. With two words “we’re relocating,” her life suddenly had a lot more stress, almost a suffocating amount. The thrill of starting over was destroyed by the financial burden she was facing.

Selling Your Home the Easy Way

What April ended up doing was what more and more people in her situation are finding works best. She sold her home directly to us, so that she could get a fair price and get the house off the market. When April called us, we were able to provide her what we provide for everyone.

  • A quick sale with no contingency. We can usually buy a house within a week.
  • A fair price. We’re built on community value and a shared trust. A neighborhood doesn’t work if people aren’t treating each other like neighbors, which is why we pride ourselves on paying a fair price to anyone looking to sell.
  • Ease of mind. This might be the most important factor. A house can sit on a market for months, sometimes more, especially if the homeowner isn’t around to do repairs, fix things up, make it presentable. I know people who drive hundreds of miles from their new home every weekend to try to get a sale. If you had been putting off repairs, or didn’t feel like you were going to sell anytime soon, and then are suddenly faced with the horrible reality of going to the market, you might be in trouble. You don’t have enough to get a house to market standard (especially in a booming city like Carlsbad), and so you can’t sell. Not selling means paying for two places. It’s stressful, and unfair. It can be taken care of quickly.
  • We cover all closing costs. You’re already stressed about money. With us, there’s no middlemen, no banks, no agents. You get to easily walk away with your new life.

April wasn’t happy to leave Carlsbad, especially because she wasn’t going to be on the sunny side of the Bay, but was happy to keep her job, and hopefully move up with her career instead of starting over. And thanks to Sell Your House Direct, she could fully start over, without her old home dragging her down. For anyone in the region who needs to sell quickly, for whatever reason, Sell Your House Direct is ready to give you the best possible offer, as well as peace of mind. Connect with us today to learn more.