Pest Infestations Can Make Home Selling Difficult. Learn How to Sell Your Escondido Home without the Hassle

by | May 25, 2017

Are you starting to feel like your home is no longer yours because pests or rodents have virtually moved in and are taking over? Dealing with pests can be disturbing as a homeowner, and getting rid of them can be a nightmare. We recently worked with a seller whose Escondido home was nestled into the hillside and surrounded on all sides by natural foliage and great big palms. While the scenery was beautiful, the trees’ close proximity to the house led to a perfect bridge for rats to travel inside. The home had been well maintained overall, but a bit of wear on the roof and cracks near the foundation that happened over the years meant these critters had a way inside. Over time, the rodent problem got worse and seemed to spiral out of control. Traps were set, but the seller just couldn’t keep up with all of the pests getting into the walls and attic. Have you experienced a similar issue with pests? Here’s some information about what you can do to avoid the infestation, and what it means when you need to sell.

Eliminating the Pest Problem Before it Begins

The best way to deal with any pests in your home is to restrict their entry altogether. If they can’t get in, you don’t have to deal with the hassle. The pest control community calls this “exclusion,” but it basically means to fill any gaps and plug any entry holes. Even the smallest of gaps, a quarter of an inch, can pose problems as mice and bugs can squeeze into these tight spaces. The most common entry points include the garage, roof, and basement. But, in other cases, even windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly can let pests in.

What attracts pests to your home?

The primary drivers in pests making a home in your house aren’t very different from what we look for as humans: water, shelter, and food…plus, a place to house their young. With this, you can expect rodents and other critters to make an appearance during colder, wetter winter months when they need shelter. You can also expect ants and other critters to sneak in for food and water when the weather begins warming up in the Spring and Summer months. If you keep these facts in mind, you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your home before the pests ever come in. Do you have trees or walls that offer access to your roof or walls? Address these access points and make it as difficult as you can for pests to get into your home in the first place!

According to realtor.com, here are some of the most common pests you can expect to fight off in your area.



How to Sell A House with Pests

Well, if you’ve been overcome with any kind of infestation (termites, rodents, or other bugs), you may find yourself in a pickle when it’s time to sell your house. You don’t necessarily have to disclose your bug or rodent problem to buyers, but you won’t be able to hide from the issue if it is noticed during inspection. In Southern California, where everyone is familiar with termites, about 90% of termite inspections are a result of a real estate transaction. If termites are found during your home’s inspection, you most often be expected to address the issue and tent the property before the sale can continue. If there is evidence of an infestation, this will need to be disclosed to the buyer and clearance won’t be provided until the active infestation is corrected.  It’s best to address and fix the problem before selling because it’s almost guaranteed that your buyer’s lender will demand a pest report anyway (especially for VA and FHA loans). While appraisers and real estate agents can help diagnose pest problems, it is up to you as the seller to call the pest inspection company.

If your pests have been a problem for a long time, and have actually caused extensive damage, you may find yourself spending more out of pocket to fix the problem. Paying for inspections and then fumigation or tenting is one thing, but if pests such as termites have caused extensive wood damage, you may have additional repair costs on your hands.

If you want to avoid the process of repairing the home and eliminating your pest infestation problem, you do have the option to sell directly to an investment company that will pay you cash (like us). Unlike the traditional buyer, we won’t require you to pay for pest inspections and to fix the problem before the sale. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lending issues. We can buy your home exactly as it is, infested with any kind of rodents and bugs…and we’ll do all of the leg work. If you’re ready to take the next steps in saying goodbye to pests, give us a call and we will make you an offer.

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