My Parent Needs to Move to Assisted Living and I Need to Sell Their Point Loma Home Fast

by | Nov 23, 2016

Our parents, who once offered care and protection, may come to an age later in life during which they require similar care themselves. For many of us, it is difficult to accept the aging process that our parents undergo, and we sometimes wish they could remain the superheroes they always were for us. However, the effects of aging can come to tax their ability to care for themselves, and we must face the reality of a nursing home as the next phase in their lives.

Point Loma is a beautiful peninsula and a special location, but if your aging parent can no longer remain there as a homeowner, you will have to consider alternative living situations for them. While they do have options that may allow them to stay in the vicinity, it will require thoughtful consideration as to which they’d like to choose, as well as a quick home sale to alleviate the stress during an already emotionally draining time. While it may seem a treacherous gulf to cross, addressing it in considerate stages can ease the process.

Compassionately Address Their Circumstances

Having an open, honest, and inclusive conversation with your parent in the warm and loving context of a family gathering is the first step towards shifting their residence to something more accommodating. It’s important to frame the proposition as not only a benefit to their circumstance but also as a solution that they can have a say in. For adult children, this can feel like a heavy burden, and it can be easy to forget to empathize with the position their parents face—one of the significant life changes. It is very important to remember to listen more than suggest and decide to work together as a team. You won’t feel alone in helping them, and they won’t feel abandoned or helpless.

Survey the Options

Once you and your parent have come together on the solution, the work of finding a suitable and fitting new home begins. Point Loma is familiar, and familiarity can be very helpful when traversing the murky waters of transitioning to assisted living. With a few options to choose from right in the Point Loma peninsula, you don’t necessarily have to look outside the community they call home.

Touring the grounds of an assisted living facility together will introduce your parent to the new way of life, and give them some agency in choosing what feels most appropriate to their expectations. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Comfortable room. Ensure that your parent will have both a comfortable and safe living space. Check for a call button that is near to their bed so they have easy access to help. Point Loma can be quite hot, so visit the facility during summer to check for A/C.
  • Social offerings. Ask about the community, and see if you can speak with a current resident about their experiences. There should be plenty of activities to keep your parent active. This can come in the form of group outings, games, and other regular social activities.
  • Visits. Make sure they have a visitor policy that fits your expectations. Ask about their hours, whether your parent is free to come and go within the neighborhood they’ve called home for so many years, and if you can bring meals in to share with them.
  • Staff. This is particularly important if your parent has specific needs that need special care. The facility should have a knowledgeable staff that caters to your parent’s needs.
  • Administration. Check the history of the facility and those responsible for its operation. Make sure they are consistent, communicative, and up to date with all inspections.

Hold your parent’s hand through their decision, helping them sort through the various factors they weigh to arrive at their ultimate choice. Let them lead.

Respectfully Downsize

The space in their new living arrangement won’t match for size of the room they had available to them in their home. As such, there are going to be necessary measures you and your parent need to take with regard to their possessions. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The family. Especially if they’re leaving behind the home they raised their family in, there are going to be a fair amount of heirlooms that you don’t want to hastily get rid of without family input. Get everyone involved, and discuss together.
  • Considering their new space. Your parent will have to discern which items they desire with them in their new place, but with an eye for what can realistically fit. You may have to politely remind them to be mindful of size limitations.
  • After memories, utility, and value. Your family will need to determine what items cannot be left behind for their sentimental value, but for the rest of your parent’s things, really ask if the items have purpose or value worth holding onto. If not, let them go.

You don’t have to tackle it alone. There are a number of services that can help you sell and donate items. If you choose to sell direct, we can also help you with this process so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Sell Their Old Home

After the long and emotionally draining efforts of moving your parent into a new facility and dealing with their belongings, the house will still remain. Having expended yourselves on the costs of their new living arrangements, some reimbursement may be found in the course of a quick sale. With your parent, the house also aged, and it may be likely that the years weathered the structure to the point of needing expensive repairs. Instead of engaging in costly construction while trying to care for your parent, a quick sale will provide a simple finish to a complicated transition. Sell Your House Direct specializes in purchasing property all throughout southern California, and is the hassle-free option when selling your parent’s Point Loma house direct. Moving your parent into an assisted living facility is a delicate and involved task to undertake, but selling their home doesn’t have to be. For more information, you can contact us today.

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