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by | Nov 28, 2016



Life is known for throwing curveballs, and one of the most upsetting can be when a family member’s circumstances change and they need your support. Financial troubles, illnesses, and aging are only a few of the reasons why a relative may be in need of a new place to live and looking to you for help. Seniors in particular often find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to live independently and may rely on their adult children to help.

Even though it’s far less common for seniors to move in with their relatives nowadays, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are very expensive, and it might be necessary to bring an aging relative into your own home. If you and your family are already lacking space, though, you will likely need to upsize in order to accommodate everyone. If your relative needs urgent care, you may be unable to find a buyer fast enough, and a quick sale may be your best option.

Factors to Consider When Moving in With Relatives

If you’re thinking of moving an elderly relative into your home, you’re not alone. One in four caregivers lives with the person for which they are caring. But even if you’ve been caring for someone for many years, there are some factors you may want to consider before moving them into your home:

  • Is it cheaper than moving them into a nursing home?

    For cash-strapped families, it’s important to take a careful look at finances and work out whether or not it is cheaper to move your relative into a nursing facility, particularly if they need full-time care.

  • How well do you get along?

    Families can be complicated. Even if you love your relatives, living in close quarters can cause conflict and have a negative impact on everyone’s health.

  • Is your relative contributing financially?

    It’s not just mortgage payments that are likely going to be increasing if you’re upsizing in order to take in a relative. Consider how your family member is going to contribute if they are at all. They will likely have a pension of some kind which can go toward the monthly budget and any additional costs associated with their care.

  • Does your relative have a social network?

    Lack of social interaction can be as damaging to an elderly person’s health as any disease. As a result, moving your relative into your home when they don’t have a strong social circle can be a big issue. If this is the case, a nursing home where they can interact with others their own age on a daily basis may be a better option.

These are only a few of the factors to take into consideration before making this decision. Moving in with a relative will impact everything from your finances to your daily routines, and it’s important to have support systems in place for both your relative and yourself.

Upsizing, But to Where?

If you’re upsizing in order to look after an elderly relative, then the medical facilities of the new area are going to be high on your list of priorities. Here are the San Diego area neighborhoods that lead the way in medical care:

  • Hillcrest is home to the county’s leading medical facility, UC San Diego Medical Center. But it’s more than just a general medical facility. The Center has six specialties, including mental health and cardiology. With a median selling price of around $500,000, the area can be expensive, but for that price, you’ll be located within walking distance of all of the city’s main attractions.
  • La Jolla offers fresh sea air, outdoor recreation opportunities, and the second-best medical facilities in the county. The Scripps La Jolla Hospitals and Clinics are ranked in the top 50 facilities in the country for cardiology. If this wasn’t enough, the area is only a few blocks away from Hillcrest. These benefits come at a cost, though, with a median sales price of $957,000.
  • Encinitas may not have a hospital on its doorstep, but with an excellent reputation for emergency response and doctors located across the region, the healthcare facilities available are excellent nonetheless. While the area also benefits from a coastal location, it remains expensive and has a median sale price of $860,000.
  • Clairemont Mesa East stands at the center point of San Diego County and has the double benefit of a relatively low average sale price of $533,000 and is the third best hospital in the city. Live here and you’re 20 minutes away from almost anywhere in the county, but with a wealth of restaurants and bars on your doorstep.

Having the best medical care on your doorstep doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice other important features such as location and amenities, and these areas are certainly worth considering if you are looking to relocate.

Sell Your Home and Upsize Quickly

The decision to take in a relative isn’t easy, and it often requires significant changes, including moving. Unfortunately, the property market doesn’t always work in your favor. While you may have already found your ideal next home in Encinitas or La Jolla, you may be having a hard time selling your current property to raise money for a down payment. Whether your home just won’t sell or you need to urgently move your relatives in, Sell Your House Direct is on-hand to buy your property directly. Within 24 hours of contacting us, we’ll value your property and make a cash offer. Accept, and we’ll complete the transaction on the date that suits you, providing you instantly with the cash you need to purchase your new property.

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