Moving to Another Country and Need to Sell Your House Fast?

We have all heard it from someone over the last three months – “If ____ wins the U.S. election, I am moving to Canada!” While Canada did see a large spike in traffic on their immigration website during election night, not many Americans are actually taking it upon themselves to make the move. Plus, Canada means shoveling snow and higher taxes, so you may be better off headed to the Caribbean or another country with easier entry? Anyway, if you’re one of the ones who have said it, and you’re actually serious about moving out of the country for the next four years, or for an extended period of time– here are some things to consider.

Reasons to Move Abroad:

People migrate for countless reasons. Most of the reasons, however, can be lumped into these categories: economic, social, political or environmental. Here are some specific scenarios that may apply to you:

  • Election woes – All jokes aside, political climates and shifts can absolutely motivate someone to move to a different country!
  • Job Relocation – Most folks who relocate to a different country often do so to seek new career opportunities, or to fill new roles within their existing company.
  • Retirement – Many people choose to retire somewhere where life is slower, bills are lower, and the climate is favorable. After all, a lower cost of living after contributing to your retirement all of your adult life makes perfect sense. We hear Costa Rica is great!
  • Family or life change – So, you fell in love on a cruise boat, but your new spouse lives in Italy? Getting married or moving closer to family can be a big determinant in moving abroad.
  • Better opportunities – Maybe you’re searching for a life style that best fits your values and life mission. Whether you’re looking to slow down, or speed things up, or you’re just looking for a new adventure – moving to a different country could provide you with the opportunities you’ve been chasing and dreaming up.

“I’m Moving to Another Country – What Should I Do with My House?”

  • Selling your house – if you intend to move overseas, the equity released from the sale can help fund your future plans. This is especially applicable if you aim to buy a new home in this new country! There’s a good chance you will come out ahead if home prices are lower in the country in which you are moving, which will mean more security and cash in the bank.
  • Renting – If you don’t think you’re ready to sell yet (because you want a place to stay when you visit family, or you don’t think you’ll be gone for long) – you may consider using your house as rental property. If you choose this route, be sure to plan for maintaining and managing your rental property while you are thousands of miles away (you’ll need to work with someone you can really trust).
  • Reverse Mortgage – this applies to those of you in your Tommy Bahama shirts ready to hit the beach in Cabo San Lucas: If you’re 62 and older, you may be able to transform the equity in your home into cash with a reverse mortgage.

Sell Your House Fast to Relocate Abroad

If renting the home out or getting a reverse mortgage doesn’t sound like the right fit – you should consider selling your home, and consider all of your options. Depending on your situation, you may need to sell your house fast to move on to the next phase of life that awaits you in your new home country. If this is the case, selling the home with an agent or by yourself will likely take too long. Quick transactions just so happen to be our specialty at Sell Your House Direct. You can sell your house and see the proceeds from the sale within as little as a week. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying off a real estate agent or worrying about preparing the home to sell. So if you’re serious about moving to another country, and need to move fast, we can help you!