Looking to Sell Your Home Fast & Leave California for Better Quality of Life?

by | Jun 14, 2018

The US News study ranks the states according to their quality of life, and California came in at number 44. While there are many things we love about our beautiful Golden State (the sun!), it also has some pretty bad qualities too – like high unemployment rates for example! The magazine focused on two primary sets of metrics: natural environment AND social environment; but even though this report doesn’t take absolutely everything into account when ranking each state’s performances…it does focus heavily on those aspects which make up an excellent living experience as well-something worth considering if you’re looking around lately.

So, you’re thinking to yourself “this can’t be true California should rank higher than other states for economy and healthcare…but they did! The Golden State ranked first in the business environment as well which is why it’s no surprise that many people are moving there or already have.

“This report shows how important factors like quality of life really do matter when looking at where one might want to establish themselves long term.”

If you’re hearing this and nodding your head “yes” – things like terrible traffic problems and congestion, cost of living, and lack of community engagement may be flashing in your mind. No matter which of these things may be contributing most to your desire to relocate and move out of the Golden State and ultimately sell your home fast, all reasons are justified depending on what’s important to you. Most folks who choose to sell their homes in San Diego to move out of state are looking for exactly what this study discusses, a better quality of life. Find out how “better quality of life” is defined for California homeowners below.

Things Leading to Homeowners Moving Out of California

Between 2007 and 2016 alone, a million more people left California than moved in from elsewhere! Where are they going, you ask? Well, the majority of people are headed to the sunbelt region of the country where taxes are lower: Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.  Here are some of the reasons why homeowners and other residents are fleeing to other states:

  • Housing problem/cost of living
  • High state taxes (some of the highest in the country)
  • Traffic in urban areas continues to get worse
  • Wildfires, mudslides, and other natural disasters

A general theme seen in migration to and from California is that low-income folks moved away and out (those making $55,000 or less) and high-income folks moved in (who are making $200,000 or more). Ultimately, San Diegans and others in California are desperate for more financial stability.

The Polls are in: Move Out of State for Lower Taxes and Higher Quality of Life?

If you’re one of the million people who will migrate out of California this year to another state for reasons related to state taxes, housing affordability, traffic, or really any other reason…then you now need to decide how you’d like to sell before relocating. Or if you aren’t going to sell and instead would like to rent the property out, who will assume landlord duties?

Most people who are looking for a fresh start in a new place will likely be looking to sell fast before the “big move.” Not only does selling your current home in San Diego cut your tax burdens in the Golden State, but you’ll also unlock potential needed equity for your new forever home.

There are a lot of resources out there about what you can do to make the move out of state smoother, but when it comes down to it, selling a house always brings an element of stress. Having to pack up your life, get your home ready to sell with cleaning and repairs, and then work through a real estate transaction can be burdensome. Consider whether you’d like to a) list the house with a realtor, b) sell the home direct to a home buyer, or c) list it yourself.

If you’re looking for the simplest and quickest route in selling, we encourage you to reach out to one of our home buying specialists to review your options and to receive an offer for your property. Your home can be sold in as little as a week with literally no out-of-pocket costs to you – that means that the offer you receive is exactly what you would net and take with you on your move.

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