If You Need to Relocate for a New Teaching Job You Can Sell Your San Diego House Fast

by | Mar 8, 2017

A recent client (let’s call her Pam) called us because, in the wake of San Diego Unified budget cuts, she is at risk of losing her job as an occupational therapist for a local elementary school. She has been working with her school’s students for 5 years and loves her job, but knows that occupational therapy is one area that will be affected come March 15th.

The San Diego Unified School board voted unanimously this week to cut nearly 850 full-time positions in an effort to shorten its increased budget deficit of $124 million. Cuts are taking place in central offices, special education, occupational therapy, physical education, health technicians, custodians, and more.

While board members argue that the budget cuts are necessary to balance the district’s $1.3 Billion budget, people like Pam aren’t too sure. Regardless of whether we like it, we can empathize with Pam and understand the stresses of being laid off and needing to find new work. Lucky for Pam, there is a position available for her near her relatives in Lancaster, PA. She’s excited about the new opportunity and the lower cost of living in Pennsylvania, but uprooting will still be an emotional roller-coaster. What are Pam’s options in selling her San Diego house and moving across the country with her husband and fur-baby? Let’s walk through them…

Selling a House When Relocating for Work:

  • Should you rent or sell? If you know you will be moving out of state for a new job, you need to determine whether you are better to offer to rent your house while away, or sell. If you anticipate a permanent relocation, selling may be your best choice if you aren’t fond of the idea of being a landlord. If you think that the teaching position will be temporary until something becomes available in San Diego again, give renting a go (while dealing with tenants can be a headache, the rental market is strong in San Diego right now).
  • You choose to sell – how much time do you have? Most often when you are laid off, the best scenario involves getting back to work sooner than later. The longer you go without the salary you are accustomed to, the more you may be digging into your emergency fund or credit cards. If you have already been accepted for a new position, you need to determine how quickly they need you and how fast you can move. Some employers will offer relocation assistance, but you should ask directly rather than assume that this will be included. Whether you have one week, two months, or six months, your options in selling will vary.
  • Know what you want to get from the sale- Knowing when you will be needed for your new teaching role is one piece of the pie, the other is knowing what you want to get from the sale of your home. Ask yourself these questions:
    • How much equity do you have in the home?
    • What profit do you expect and need from the sale?
    • Do you have the resources (financial and time) to make repairs if needed?
    • Will you be able to coordinate moving amongst open houses and showings?
    • Can you sell the house remotely from your new location if the transaction takes longer than you have?
  • FSBO, traditionally with an agent, or a direct sale? After asking yourself the questions above, consider your three options in selling: on your own, with a licensed agent, or direct to a cash buyer like us. I would guess that the For Sale by Owner option is an automatic no. The time and effort needed to execute an FSBO sale are great, and if you are relocating for a time-contingent job, you likely don’t have time for this option. This would leave you with 1) Sell traditionally or 2) Sell direct. If you are in a situation where you could handle completing a sale remotely from your new location, or your house is in pristine condition and doesn’t need repairs, it would be safe to: go the agent route. But, if you need the money tied up from the sale of your home to purchase a new home, or you don’t have the resources to fix your house before selling – selling direct is absolutely your best option.

How Selling Direct Means Selling Simply When Relocating

Outside of the fact that we can close quickly (in as little as a week if you need to move extra fast)– we go as far as to say that we close on the date of your choice, guaranteed. What’s more? You need not stress about anything like cleaning or repairs. You can literally take what you want with you, and leave what you don’t want for us to dispose of, donate, or clean up.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. You submit your information via a form on this website or by calling us directly at (760) 566-7716
  2. You’ll be contacted by Neva, who will provide you with a cash offer.
  3. Does the offer check everything off your list? You choose to accept or reject with zero obligations.
  4. Let us know when you’d like to close, and voila! Your house is sold and you are ready for your new teaching job, or whatever else life has in store!

If you’re relocating to a new city and need to find new housing (whether renting or buying), let us know. We have relationships with agents across the country and can connect you with someone in the area who can help you learn the lay of the land, and find a new, perfect place to call home!

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