I Got Caught in the Wake of the SONGS Closure and Need to Sell My San Clemente Home Fast

by | Nov 7, 2016


Imagine, upon entering the job market, you land a position in the energy industry. You are thrilled that you’ve started a career helping produce a commodity that never fades amidst the economy’s ups and downs. Great job security, right? Well, if you’re one of the thousands who worked at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) that closed in 2013, it wasn’t the dream you thought it was. Layoffs began even before the announcement of the SONGS closure, and, having once employed over 2,200 workers, the station has dropped off to less than 600, with the remaining, lucky few kept for the decommissioning. Even for those, however, concerns over further layoffs continue to loom.

The financial toll of these layoffs presents difficulties with home ownership in San Clemente, given that much of Orange County plays host to some of the country’s wealthiest citizens. Situated at the southern edge, San Clemente is no exception. With the cost of living at 44.9% over the national average, it’s no cheap place to call home. If you are finding yourself struggling after a layoff from the SONGS, a fast home sale may be the smart next step to get back on your feet in a new and more affordable location.

Greener Pastures Outside of San Clemente

After losing the job you thought you’d be holding onto for years to come, you might be too busy reeling to consider relocation. But for those individuals with a background in the energy industry, opportunities across the country abound, many located in areas where the cost of living is much lower than it is in affluent San Clemente. What does the field look like?

  • The southwest:

    While SONGS has closed, there are still other nuclear power plants in healthy operation across the United States in places like nearby Arizona, where the largest nuclear power plant in the country is operated south of Phoenix.

  • The east coast:

    Beyond the American southwest, the east coast houses a significant number of US plants. Companies like Entergy oversee a vast network of power plants, and speaking directly with one of them may open the door to a number of available positions.

  • The midwest:

    Many other previous SONGS employees have sought out alternative, yet related, positions throughout the country. Working in energy means more than just nuclear—you could work at a traditional power plant, or service the country’s massive delivery network of electricity. In any case, midwest living is often some of the most affordable in the country.

  • Opportunities beyond energy: With professional experience aiding in the complex operation of a nuclear power plant, you’re well positioned to take your skills into a new field. Former plant workers can find career success in a wide variety of positions, including in solar and electric, and often in locations of their choosing.

A SONGS layoff should by no means be cause for despair. A plethora of new possibilities exist across the country, and selling your house as quickly as possible is often the best maneuver to avoid any further debt, especially in an area like Orange County, where mortgages can be sky-high and where even once-slow areas are experiencing drastic transformations.

Attracting New—and Very Different—Neighbors

The SONGS closure spelled layoffs for thousands, but the impact has reached beyond the occupational. While nuclear power plants remain a dependable source of energy, there are often stigmas entrenched in public perception, based on high-profile disasters and the entertainment industry capitalizing on such incidents. As a result, homes near power plants generally stay below the values of similar homes further away in the same region.

However, with the end of SONGS, homes nearby are likely to see an increase in interest, which means a neighborhood transformation. In recent years, areas along California’s coastline have played host to a movement of young professionals seeking new homesteads. The transitions have proven fast, flipping an area’s focus from the pre-existing population to its new inhabitants’ tastes and interests. With the SONGS closure, these homebuyers are likely to move in and change things, beginning with the price tags on homes. This may make it tempting to wait it out for a better sale, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that these buyers will also want updated, modern features and aesthetics that will be expensive for you to execute in order to be competitive on the new market, especially if your home is more dated. If you’re already struggling, you can avoid the transformation before it begins with a quick and hassle-free home sale.

The Easy Way to Sell

With a decision to move for new work and cheaper living comes the obligation of selling your current home. When you put yourself on the market, a job offer could come at any time and catch you off-guard and unprepared. While a traditional deal could potentially fetch the best price for your home, the drawn-out process and closing costs can over-complicate your transition and have your prospective employer searching for more available talent. All these issues are resolved with a fast and easy sale with Sell Your House Direct. The process is simplified and transparent, with a cash offer within 24 hours that you can take or deny, no questions asked. The benefit is the providence of a new life and optimistic career opportunities. Check out our straightforward process and see if we’re the right choice for you. If it sounds right to you, and you’re ready to move on from a disappointing layoff, get in touch today.

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