Got a House in the LAX Flight Path? Sell Before It’s Harmful to Your Health

Los Angeles International Airport (or LAX for all you savvy travelers) is one of the largest and busiest air traffic hubs in the country. If you add up all the international, domestic, military, cargo, and private planes that move through the airport, LAX clocks around 1,578 arrivals and departures every 24 hours. And when you do the math, that means one plane touching down every 55 seconds.

Of course,  if you’re currently living in the flight path, I don’t need to tell you that. You can probably hear every single one of them as they make their approach. And while you may have adjusted to the constant din throughout the day, you need to know that it’s affecting your health whether you’ve gotten used to the noise or not. Unfortunately, this might mean it’s time to take a hard look at your home and decide whether or not the risk is worth it. And if you decide that it’s not, it might be time to sell.

Higher Heart Disease Risk and Lower Air Quality

A study done by the British Medical Journal found that high levels of aircraft noise were associated with increased risks of stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. Noises like those from an airplane trigger a reaction in the human nervous system, which increases both blood pressure and heart rate.

Another investigation by the Harvard School of Public Health found that older people exposed to aircraft noise face a greater risk of being hospitalized for heart disease. In 2015, cardiovascular disease was the number one cause of death according to the CDC, so this is no small issue.

Now, you might not live right under LAX’s flight path and you might think that being a few miles east or west of the airport puts you out of harm’s way. But even if you don’t need to worry about the noise, you still have to worry about air quality.

An air quality study published by Environmental Science and Technology found that high levels of harmful exhaust particles from jets at LAX have been detected in communities up to 10 miles away from the airport. It was such a shocking discovery that even the Los Angeles Times reported on the news. The affected areas stretch east and west from Westchester to Watts and north and south from Slauson to the 105. Some of the highest particle levels in those areas were 6 to 8 times above normal levels.

So it’s not just the smog you have to worry about anymore.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Now, if you live in or very near the flight path, you could choose to do nothing. We’re not saying that if you stay in your home, you’re bound to be rushed to the ER tomorrow or your children are on a fast track to getting asthma. But living where you do is a danger to your health – no ifs, ands, or buts.

If the noise has you ready to move on, you might be weighing your options. After all, selling your house can take time and it can even take money if your home requires upgrades in order to be competitive on the market. We’re guessing the last thing you want is to sink more dollars into a home you don’t intend to keep. And if your home is right in the flight path, finding a buyer might take even more time than it would in another neighborhood.

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