Getting a Divorce? Sell Your San Diego Home for Cash and Get a Fresh Start

by | Jul 21, 2016

Divorce can be a war zone. While I was at Windansea Beach last weekend, I met a fellow surfer who was going through a divorce. Despite riding some of the best waves in San Diego, he was feeling stressed and caught in the crossfire of lawyers, family members, friends, and co-workers. As we packed up at the end of the day, he told me they hadn’t even divided their assets yet and he was dreading the impending fight over their house in Pacific Beach.

Thinking about his upcoming legal battle, I thought: How can we help other San Diego couples going through divorce avoid the headache of deciding who gets to keep the home?

The answer: By letting them know they can sell their house for a fair price in as little as seven days so they can split the money and go their separate ways.

Is Selling My House During a Divorce Even Legal?

You might be hesitant to sell a major asset like your home while you’re in the middle of divorce proceedings. When you get divorced or legally separated in California, the courts will decide how to divide the property that you and your spouse bought during the marriage. The truth is many couples are able to figure this out by informal agreements… but when you actually get the divorce, a judge has to sign off on that agreement. Until then, the house belongs to both of you.

Once the decision has been made by you and your spouse to sell the house, you can go forward with making that happen.

Selling on the Market Is Tougher Than You Think

It’s a seller’s market here in San Diego so you may think you have that on your side. But listing with an agent can spawn a whole slew of arguments you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse don’t need when you’re forced to decide:

  • Which agent to use
  • The listing price of the house
  • Which repairs to make
  • Which repairs to ignore
  • How much to spend on staging
  • Which offers you want to accept

As the arguments continue, your house might sit on the market for weeks, even months, and a buyer still might not come along.

What Divorce Can Cost You in the Long Run

On the other hand, if you can unload the house quickly, it can provide you both with a nice nest egg for your new start. The value of a cash reserve like this shouldn’t be underestimated. The average total cost of a divorce in the United States is around $15,000. Divorced women generally suffer more of a financial loss than divorced men because of the unequal wages for men and women, and because women usually have more expenses associated with the physical custody of children. In fact, research shows that about 1 out of 5 women will fall into poverty after divorce.

And guys, don’t think I forgot about you. If you contributed less than 80% of the family’s income, you will suffer more financially from the split. Some men can end up with most of their paycheck garnished by the state’s Office of Recovery Services and struggle to live on the remaining amount.

The house you two share together is the biggest asset either of you own. It’s vital to get a good price and sell quickly, so both of you can move on without falling behind.

How Sell Your House Direct Can Help

SYHD can help you with this difficult transition. Unlike realtors, we never pick sides in pursuit of a large commission. Instead, we can be completely upfront and honest. There won’t be any costly repairs to make and no back-and-forth with pesky buyers; just a real cash offer made to you in 24 hours. Contact us right away to talk about your property.

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