Don’t Stand the Heat, Sell Your Escondido Home Fast for Cooler Climates

by | Dec 6, 2016


Escondido and surrounding SoCal get hot. That’s not news, and the warmth and sunshine are a major part of the area’s unique appeal. Situated in the southwest region of the country where the desert lies, warmer temps have always been a characteristic of the area. Being further inland than other San Diego County cities, Escondido is especially susceptible to hot weather. There’s something more happening than the normal rise and fall of seasonal temperatures, though. As a result of regional climate changes and a rising population, Escondido, like other SoCal cities, is heating up. And with average temperatures on the rise, it can be difficult for its residents to enjoy the area.

When you’re someone particularly sensitive to warmer weather, news that your already-hot city is getting hotter can be disconcerting.  While you may want to consider adjusting to the fact with some lifestyle changes, you can also consider a quick and easy home sale to escape Escondido’s excessive heat sooner than later.

Why are Temps on the Rise?

Rising average temperatures in SoCal have been on record for some years now. In a report from 2007, it was observed that urban areas in San Diego county and other popular cities in the region were experiencing an uptick in average temperatures. In a similar study eight years later, a continued trend of rising temperatures showed that things were still heating up. Over that same period, as you may have witnessed as a resident, the growing popularity of the region inspired a lot of new residents to move into the area. With the influx of gas emissions exacerbating an already established trend of warming temps, Escondido has become one of the hottest places to live in the state. Last year, it broke record summer highs, surpassing 100 degrees and previous levels not seen since 1929.

Will Things Ever Cool Down?

For those hoping the trend will reverse, there’s unfortunately little support for that wish. Temperatures are shifting, and as they’ve been monitored over the years, they’ve demonstrated a definite tendency to rise instead of fall. Further research shows us factors like melting mountain snowcaps, already troublesome water shortages, and forest fires will ensure the trend continues with no end in sight.

What Can I Do to Dodge the Heat?

With the forecast settled for the foreseeable future, residents who find themselves particularly affected by hotter weather are forced to review their options and possible solutions to the problems that arise from higher temps.

  • Crank the A/C.

    The first thought that probably crosses your mind is to compensate for the heat with a cooler home to escape to. While an option, you’ll have to consider the costs of energy, which will no doubt rise with the temperature as San Diego municipalities issue “flex alerts” to attempt to reduce electricity consumption and ease a strained grid. A/Cs are effective at cooling things down, but you can also expect your utility bills to shoot up.

  • Build a pool.

    In hot SoCal, pools are extremely popular and can be used for much of the year. Deciding to build one, however, is a major investment of both time and money, and many homeowners just aren’t up to the task. However, if you’re willing to move, homes with pools already built are hot commodities.

  • Eliminate activities that expose you to high temps.

    If you’re someone who is at risk of heat-related issues, you’re probably already aware that you should limit your exposure at peak hours for hot weather during midday. Even a few hours spent in the heat can induce heat stroke, cramps, and dehydration. Limiting your A/C can even create these risky conditions inside your home, so it’s important to listen to your body at all times.

  • Sell your home direct and move to cooler climates.

    As much as you can adjust your behavior and lifestyle to work around the heat, selling quick and moving to a city with less-accosting weather may be the right choice for you, especially if the heat poses a serious health risk to you. Selling direct can be an ideal option to escape the vicious heat. A traditional sale is most likely to occur during the summer season, and often takes months to complete, chaining you to a house in the hottest climate. A direct sale takes days, not months, and you can sell any time of the year.

In cities like Escondido, the weather is a fact you must contend with, but you shouldn’t have to continue tolerating something if it is negatively impacting your quality of life.

How Do I Sell Direct?

If you’ve decided that you need to flee the heat sooner than later, selling direct is a simple and straightforward option. If you sell your home directly to us, you can either call our office or use the form on our website to submit your information. Within 24 hours, we’ll contact you with a cash offer for your home. Based on the offer, you can choose to accept or deny the offer, with no complications attached. Then, if you choose to proceed, we’ll complete the transaction and you can take the money and move on from hot Escondido to a cooler environment more fitting to your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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