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by | Dec 27, 2016


Discovering that your dream home is on the market can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. You’re excited because the kind of house you’ve had your eyes on for years is now within reach, and you’ve accomplished the career success to finally afford the mortgage. At the same time, It can be stressful the fact that finding a home is only the first step. Making an offer, filing the paperwork, and securing the deal can be a headache. To make matters worse, you may have achieved financial success at work, but to afford the down payment, you’re still going to need to sell your current home.

If you are located in National City, a lovely oceanside town, several factors will converge to make selling your home there a difficult process. In order to afford your new dream home’s down payment, you can’t escape the necessity of a home sale. However, as you navigate two deals, one for your new home and the other for your old one, you’ll be forced into a timed game that can ultimately spoil your dream if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Given the influential factors that can make selling your National City home more difficult, you may choose to consider a quick, direct home sale to collect the money for your dream home’s down payment.

Decreased Home Sales in National City

For anyone just jumping into the market in National City, reviewing the current housing trends is a crucial step. Over the past few months, National City has seen a decrease in sales that has led to lower prices. Additionally, the average length of time a home sale takes has risen to over two months. For anyone eager to leave their National City home behind for an upgrade to their ideal living arrangement, these figures don’t exactly inspire confidence. While trying for a fast transaction in order to collect the funds for the new property’s down payment, the worst outcome would be a delay that costs you the opportunity to purchase. Unfortunately, the city’s current housing trends simply aren’t conducive to a fast sale on the traditional market.

A Bloated Market Adds Roadblocks

You don’t have to dig deep to find some of the underlying reasons for the poor seller’s market in National City. It’s clear there are more homes available for fewer buyers, creating a market that is more favorable to those seeking a purchase rather than those seeking a sale. This creates a difficult task for the National City homeowner seeking a move. You, in addition to your real estate agent, will have to court more prospective buyers and work harder to make the deal more appetizing in order to compete with the other homes available to the buyer. It makes a complicated process all the more daunting.

It’s a Renter’s Paradise

There’s another hefty competitor contributing to the difficulties—the availability of rental units. Lower rents in the center of National City have proven attractive to professionals seeking convenient locations near transit. Instead of living in pricey San Diego, a commuter can rent in National City for half the cost and enjoy a convenient, quick trip into the office. That’s good for them, but bad news for anyone trying to sell their National City home. It will be harder to convince buyers of the unique advantages of homeownership when so many potential buyers are being siphoned off by attractive new apartments for rent. Dealing with the traditional market in selling your National City home will be an uphill battle.

A Quick Sale Alternative

If what you’re after is enough funds to cover the down payment for your dream home, you may not want to wait and play the market for the best price. Months of waiting can kill your new deal, rendering your work in trying to sell your National City home pointless. Here are some of the benefits of a quick home sale:

  • No waiting.

    Unlike the two months plus wait it takes to move your home on the traditional market, a quick sale is completed in a matter of days.

  • Cash now.

    There’s no waiting for the check and no escrow between you and a buyer. Once you agree to an offer, you’ll receive the funds immediately for use as a down payment on that ideal new home.

  • Simple.

    A direct sale is precisely that—direct. Clear, concise, and easy, selling direct means not having to wade through the murky waters of housing inspections, appraisals, and the like.

You don’t have to risk losing out on the deal of a lifetime by selling your present National City residence on the risky market. You can attain precisely what you need to get the keys to that perfect house by reaching out to us today and getting the process started to sell fast and direct.

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