Can I Sell My Home to a Cash Buyer If It’s in Good Condition?


You’ve maybe already gathered that one of the most awesome traits of cash buyers is that they buy homes as-is, without any contingencies on condition or appraisal. It means that people don’t have to fix up their home in order to sell it.

Does that mean professional home buyers only buy fixer upper homes for sale? Are cash buyers a viable solution for real estate that is in good condition? Read on to find out!

Professional Buyers May Offer More for Homes in Good Condition

When you sell to a cash buyer, it’s very likely that their intention for your home is flip it. The term flip it means that they’ll buy a house, renovate it in ways that offer a great return on investment, and turn around and sell it for a profit.

If they don’t have to put in the sweat equity, labor, and materials to prepare a house to resell or rent out, they are able to offer you more money and still make the money their business needs to thrive.

Though professional buyers are willing to buy houses as-is, a home that doesn’t need work isn’t unattractive to them. The offer that a reputable cash buyer makes you should still reflect the home’s condition.

Reasons You Might Consider a Cash Buyer for a Good Condition Home

Though it’s certainly not your only option for selling your home if it’s in excellent condition, here are a few reasons that you might consider a cash buyer.

You Need to Sell Fast

If for whatever reason you need to sell your house quickly, a professional home buyer might be the answer.

Job Changes

Maybe you got transferred for work and you need to get out from under your current home quickly so you can buy a new one in a new city. Maybe you lost your job and you simply can’t afford the home you’re in without that job and you don’t have the funds to weather the rough patch.

selling a house in poor condition

Mortgage Problems

Maybe you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments for whatever reason and you don’t have time to sell your home before you enter mortgage default.


Maybe you’re in the middle of a divorce and you need to get your shared home sold so that you can split the equity you have tied up in it. Working together to get it sold isn’t an ideal option when the relationship is very rocky, and with a cash offer, you can be done with it in a week.

You Need Fast Cash

Maybe you’ve got some medical expenses that you need money for immediately, or maybe you need to cover final expenses for a loved one who has passed away. Whatever the reason for needing cash very quickly, selling your home to a cash buyer is an option even if it’s in good condition.

Closing Costs are Too Expensive

If you don’t have cash in hand for closing, selling your house traditionally could be very burdensome. The seller traditionally covers many of the closing costs including real estate agent’s commission, title insurance, loan payoff fees, and sellers might be asked to cover more by the buyer. Selling a home can be downright expensive but selling to a cash buyer should cost you very little to nothing. In fact, Sell Your House Direct may even a moving allowance so that moving to a new place isn’t a problem.

A Cash Buyer Isn’t Always the Answer

If you don’t have a good reason to turn to a cash buyer, it’ll probably save you money to take the time to sell your house traditionally, regardless of its condition.

The average time it takes to sell a house is, on average, 68 days according to Zillow, plus you add in the couple months it takes to get to closing. If you’ve got that kind of time and you have the cash flow to cover closing costs, waiting it out might be best.If the time and costs associated with selling traditionally are prohibitive for you, a professional buyer like Sell Your House Direct might be the perfect creative real estate solution for you. Feel free to contact us, no obligation, to see what we can do for you!