Big on the Tiny House Movement? Sell Your House Fast & Begin Building Your Tiny Home Sooner

We recently worked with a homeowner, Jane, who was looking to sell her San Diego condo to buy her very own tiny house, which she could build on family’s land in the mountainous region of Julian, CA. This was the first time we worked with a seller who had intentions of building a tiny house after selling…so we had to ask, what’s the attraction to living in a tiny home? It turns out that Jane was close to retirement and was looking to live life with less “things,” and a lot more financial freedom. Relocating into a tiny home in a rural area of San Diego fit the bill because she would own the space, have very little to maintain, and she would lead a more stress-free life (financially speaking). She was ready to downsize and part with all of the items she had acquired over the years, and ultimately was looking forward to not having a mortgage payment every month. A tiny home for Jane meant a simpler lifestyle, and less worries overall.

If you’ve watched HGTV recently, the era of tiny homes is probably not anything new to you. The tiny house movement is a phenomenon among people across the United States in both urban and rural areas. Approximately 68% of people who live in a tiny home have absolutely no mortgage. Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic? Maybe more importantly for some, the biggest advantage of owning a tiny home lies within the environmental benefits. Living in a tiny house means a smaller environment footprint, and it encourages less consumption and more sustainability overall.

Best Tips for Selling Fast so You Can Move Sooner

Now that you know that the tiny house lifestyle is for you- how can you get there? Well, you have a few different options:

Sell your current home first: If you need the profits from the sale of your home to pay for the construction of your new tiny home, then selling first may be in your best interest. The average cost to build a tiny house (if built by the owner) is approximately $23,000. While it is low, that may still be more than you have lying around to pay for in full. If you need to sell your house first, consider where you will stay and store your belongings while your new tiny home is being built.

Build your tiny home then sell: As mentioned above, the cost to build a tiny house is fairly affordable (considered to buying a traditional home with land in San Diego), so you may be able to build it while you’re still paying down your current mortgage. But, once your tiny home is complete and you are anxious to move in, consider the time it will take to get your old home sold. In some cases, you may be still paying your old mortgage while living in your tiny home while waiting for the sale.

What are my best options in selling quickly?

Luckily for you, we are in a HOT seller’s market. Inventory is tight and homes aren’t sitting on the market for as long as they used to because demand is so high. With that being said, selling your home traditionally still brings about certain struggles: getting the home “show ready” and cleaned, making repairs if necessary, arranging for open houses, negotiations and delays due to buyer financing, and commissions that you have to pay your real estate agent.

Selling directly to a company like Sell Your House Direct means you can avoid all of the struggles mentioned above. Plus, if speed of the transaction is your highest priority, the quickest way to sell a house is to sell it direct to a cash buyer like us. House buying companies are more abundant than in years past, but that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. Many house buying companies make promises of closing fast and paying cash, but they don’t all come with a guarantee. We have the funds and systems in place that allow us to guarantee the sale of your current home within 7 days or less (or on your preferred closing date). As an added bonus, we will even take care of any items left behind…as in: take what you want, leave what you don’t. This can be a great plus to those of you who are looking to downsize and minimize your belongings before moving into a tiny home.