Avoid Braving the Troublesome Holiday Real Estate Market by Selling Your San Diego House Fast

Selling your home is a stressful process. Between preparing it for sale and lining up all the administrative and legal tasks, getting a property off your hands can prove an exhausting endeavor. Furthermore, when you’re facing that mountain, adding any market challenges can make the prospect of selling seem impossible. The holiday season dominates the end of the year in virtually every aspect of life, and the housing market is no exception.

The notoriously weak season for home sales can add an extra layer of effort to an already difficult task. Despite remaining snow-free and sunny throughout the year, San Diego still witnesses the same slump the rest of the marketplace goes through. There are aspects to the market squeeze that may potentially lead to a better price for your home, but for those in financial straits, the added difficulties may be prohibitive roadblocks. As an alternative, a direct sale allows you to collect money for your home while bypassing a traditional home sale that can cost precious months. Reviewing both options helps you determine which is best for your situation.

Braving the Holiday Real Estate Market

Regardless of the time of year, for those who can no longer afford their San Diego residence, the first option most consider is a traditional home sale. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of taking your home to the traditional market:


  • Less competition. As a result of the anticipated weak year-end market, fewer sellers place their homes on the market. With less supply, your home has fewer other homes to compete with for the buyers who are looking around the holiday season. There is the potential to net a better price for your home.
  • Agent assistance. While there are more responsibilities involved in taking your home to the traditional market, you’ll also have some extra help. Because there’s a stake in the sale of your home for them, agents are motivated to assist you in all the work that goes into it.



  • Less demand. This is the primary reason why most sellers avoid the holiday season, but if you’re in a fiscal bind, you may not have that luxury. You’ll be facing fewer buyers because the thought of juggling holidays and home-buying is often too much to handle. Those who are looking may also be doing so for the very reason you’re selling—they know holiday sellers are desperate and are hoping to take advantage.
  • Shorter days. You may not have considered it, but the fewer hours of daylight there are means less time people spend outside of their homes. It’s a fact of human nature that we tend to remain indoors when the sun goes down. Additionally, as a point of practicality, buyers are less likely to view a home at night for the simple truth that they won’t be able to see it. This makes it more difficult to schedule viewings.
  • Winter moods. You may not really consider it a season unto itself in SoCal’s warmer climate, but the chillier weather, shorter days, and cloud frequency combine to weigh on the temperaments of potential buyers. Not enough is said about the subliminal effects of the season, which can tax motivation and drain energy. Many don’t need snow to keep them inside and ignoring tasks they may normally undergo in warmer seasons, like proactively seeking a new home.

In the face of mounting financial strain, combined with the the hardships involved with a holiday season sale, you may consider an alternative—selling direct.


  • No prep. Selling your house direct won’t require you to prepare your home. This means you don’t have to worry about appraisals, you won’t need to schedule inspections, and there’s no need to gather all of the requisite documentation that comes with a traditional sale. That takes a lot of work off your plate.
  • Avoid open houses. Showing your home to potential buyers, if you’re taking the traditional route, is non-negotiable. They’ll have to view the property. During the holiday season, it’s very difficult to inspire buyers to come view your home, and even when you do, dealing with schedules, home clean-up, and crafting the “buy-worthy” image is a hassle, especially during the holidays when time is not always in abundance.
  • Forget repairs. Selling your home often means reviewing its damages and shelling out money to have them fixed. If you’re strapped for cash, you probably don’t have the up-front money for costly rehab. Selling direct means you won’t have to.



  • No competition. If you’re not putting your house up on the traditional market, that does mean closing yourself off to the potential for a better price. An agent will field what current buyer interest is and arrive at a price they think they can fetch from the highest likely bidder.
  • No agents. While on the surface their absence may appear quite pleasant, the truth is, they do serve a function, which is to find the best deal for your home. However, selling direct does not mean you are without support. We help you each step of the way, from our initial appraisal of your home to even assisting you with your moving process.


Making the Decision That’s Right for You

A careful review of your options is crucial when it comes to such a big decision. Selling your San Diego property to ease a difficult life situation shouldn’t be a hasty decision. However, after thoughtful consideration, your solution can be. With a quick home sale, you can collect a check for your house and move into something more affordable, avoiding the risks of a difficult marketplace and the further costs that can mount while you wait. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.