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Identifying specific needs then tailors a strategy connecting you to the ideal solution. Everything happens when and how you need it to. Now you have alternative ways to sell your house.


Streamlining the Due Diligence and Prequalification processes so that Brokers can spend less time in the weeds and more time building relationships


Taking the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of buying houses offering pre-approved Buyers access to new opportunities and a simplified transaction process

Ready For A Change


SELL DIRECT does not buy homes. Our mission is to serve Sellers and Brokers by bringing optimized and accelerated solutions to sell houses direct in any condition


Take Charge.

  • Get equipped with the facts that empower decisions
  • Negotiate the terms that best fit your needs and timelines
  • Sell exactly when and how you want to
  • Take what you want, leave what you don’t
  • Follow a transparent process
  • A dedicated staff teaching you how to sell your house by owner


Protect your privacy, time, and pocketbook.

  • Bypass out-of-pocket, expenses for repairs, inspections, or reports
  • Avoid prying eyes and those who have no intention of buying
  • Review Multiple offers & terms at one time
  • Open escrow FAST with minimal market exposure


    Secure the best terms suited to your

    • Receive an upfront comprehensive Due Diligence package at no cost
    • Choose from multiple pre-vetted and confirmed Buyers
    • Proceed with confidence and no risk of renegotiation
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    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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    What They’re Saying

    Seller Testimonials

    Marie K.

    I cannot say enough about what a great experience we had with SYHD. My sister and I needed to sell our mom’s house, which was difficult for us emotionally. Everyone at SYHD was kind and professional, and they followed through on every single thing they said they’d do. You won’t get a recording when you call their office; they do their best to answer questions on the spot. Every deadline was met, we were treated with respect, and there was not a single glitch in the process. We could not be happier. If we could give it 10 stars we would!

    Zoe G.

    The team of experts at Sell Your House Direct (REIG) have been terrific to work with in selling my grandfather’s home that required a major renovation. You can’t find a nicer more professional team of people to work with than Marcel Bonee, Katie Dennert, Sarah Dettmann and Neva Ellis. Everyone we worked with impressed us with their expertise and communication skills. All our questions were answered quickly, by phone or email. They will work with you to make the entire process as smooth as possible. You can set a closing date that works best for you, and if you need assistance in clearing out the house, they will arrange for a team to assist you. When the renovation is complete, they will also invite you back to see the remodeled home. The renovation team exceeded our expectations. The house, which is located in a nice neighborhood, has been remodeled and is now a beautiful home for a new family. They handled everything efficiently, and the entire process was quick and flawless. You will have no closing costs and a team of experts to handle all the details. We would definitely recommend Sell Direct.

    My Nguyen

    We had a very good, trouble-free experience in selling our rental home to SYHD. Our main contacts, Neva Ellis and Eric Bee are quite helpful in explaining their buying process. Their entire team is professional and easy to work with. The most critical part of our transaction is to negotiate the final price after reviewing the home inspection report. We were able to get a fair price through a few negotiations. Closing is fast and painless.

    Edgar Inocentes

    Being retired, we decided to sell our rental property to Sell Direct. The process was painless and the property was sold “as is” avoiding numerous fees. Even the closing procedure was fast and consisted of on-line signing of documents. The following people were commendable: Marcel Bonee, Neva Ellis, Katie Dennert & Sarah Dettmann. Neva, in particular, was the person we dealt with primarily. She was friendly and very professional. Questions during the process were answered promptly, whether on the phone or by e-mail. We had some issues with a tenant unable to move out on the date agreed upon, thus the closing date was moved a couple of times. Sarah was at the forefront who informed us as to what was going on. She dealt directly with our property manager, hence avoiding unnecessary superfluous communication. Overall, the entire process was painless and professionally executed.

    Orlando Merza

    I can’t do any repairs anymore, so I wanted to sell my house fast. I didn’t want to list our home with a real estate agent because I preferred to sell my house for cash, without any repairs and as-is. I enjoyed having another option and more flexibility.

    Jackie Evans

    I would like to thank Sell Direct for helping me sell my home with effortless ease. The entire staff was very professional. I lived in this family home for many years, and my decision to sell was handled with care. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell, buy or renovate. Oh, and my transaction was as short as it gets….17 days!! Thanks again Neva, Sarah, and Marcel for making my decision to sell a pleasant experience. You all are so amazing!! I’m spreading the word!!

    Matt LaFon

    Selling my home with SYHD was the right choice. I looked at multiple options and not only were they one of the better options on the financial side, but I felt I could trust them. After working with them, I have no complaints, and they definitely have proven themselves. They took care of everything, and always worked to make sure I was informed and my interests were being looked out for.

    Michell Olivario

    In October 2015, to prepare for my separation from the United States Navy, I decided to sell my home in San Diego, CA no later than January 2016 and relocate to another state at the beginning of my separation leave in February 2016. I researched the internet for the best possible route for my situation: (1) minimal time/money to renovate the home to make it marketable, (2) minimal foot traffic through the home (other family members residing), (3) low percentage commissions for real estate agent and (4) timeliness to complete all transactions.

    I specifically selected Sell Direct because of the testimonies I reviewed online. The fact that this business is Military/Veteran friendly was a PLUS. I was impressed, and heart-fully moved when I read about the home REIG donated to a Wounded Warrior. Soon after, I realized that Neva Ellis had been sending me mailers for this opportunity. Our first phone conversation was pleasant, professional, and non-committal. She did not pressure my business and advised that if they could not take on my home, they would assist in matching me with another reputable agent who could.

    When Marcel Bonee stopped by to evaluate my home, he was very pleasant and courteous to both my mother, my dog Joshi and me. He was flexible in meeting my schedule (military duties included) and all further correspondence and/or visits.

    This is how my situation evolved: (1) Sell Direct allowed me to select my move out/sell home date, (2) We agreed upon $$$ without having to renovate/fix up, (3) only inspectors/evaluators were scheduled to visit home and (4) we did not need a real estate agent, so no commissions were involved.

    Last, in completing the entire home selling process, MaryAnne Martin kept me on track and was very helpful in processing the last transactions and turning over the home to Sell Your House Direct.

    Their whole crew made the entire process very smooth, stress-free, and simply…easy. I have since referred REIG and SYHD to several of my coworkers/shipmates.

    To Neva, Marcel, MaryAnne, the escrow folks, and the inspectors/evaluators… THANK YOU for making this process easy so that I could focus on my next chapter in life.

    Yoko Kawamoto

    We were in a hurry of selling the house quickly. We received the letter in the mail from Sell Direct and thought it was a good way of selling the house, as we would have a lot less headache. Initially, we worked with Neva, she is very friendly and helpful. Then we worked with Marcel. Marcel arrived at our house on time for the appointment and was friendly. Everything went well and now we are moving to the new house. They would give you many benefits by working with them, instead of going through a traditional sales process. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to sell their house easily and quickly!

    Edward Brentlinger

    My name is Edward Brentlinger, I recently had the pleasure of doing business with your company. We needed to sell our parents home, they were not mobile and we were not local. Your company was so easy to work with, they did all the legwork involved in the sale which was invaluable and even covered all the closing costs. The fact you handled any problems in the sale cleared us from many headaches. This was by far the easiest real estate transaction I have ever been involved with.

    The renovation was amazing. I have personally designed and built 2 houses from the ground up but your designer thought of things I would have never thought of. The remodel crew you used did excellent work and the finished product was outstanding and fast.

    When I look for a company to hire I look at the reputation and integrity in the company. What I experienced at your company was beyond my expectations. I see a company founded on integrity, honesty, and reliability. I see you do what you say and you do it fast. In my opinion you set the standard for others to follow in this business. Thank you for making this such a great experience.

    Lynn Leslie

    I had a great experience with the entire team. I wanted to sell my condo to be closer to my elderly parents. Not only did they close quickly and easily on my place, Marcel knew a realtor in the area I wanted to purchase in—just as easy to work with as SYHD. Thank you all so much, I would not hesitate to refer friends to you all! In fact, I already have!!

    Dee Dee Lau

    Selling a home that has been in the family for over 60 years can be a tough decision. There are so many memories tied to the home. I knew that I wanted an investor that would appreciate the property and renovate it so a new family/owner could create their own set of memories. I found Sell Your House Direct to be that company! Working with Marcel, Neva and Gary was very easy and enjoyable. Their dedication to helping the seller achieve their goals is unheard of in the industry! Communication and follow-up were fantastic, it made the process so much easier. I have seen the pictures after the renovation…wow, just amazing! How they transformed the home was impressive, and very well planned out and they really highlighted the key points of the property. I feel very comfortable with what Sell Direct has accomplished with my “memories”. I would highly recommend them, very professional, but friendly, trustworthy, and dedicated to doing what is best for the client!

    Hector Quiroga

    I recently sold my house to Sell Your House Direct and wanted to share my experience with the process. Two words to sum it up would be trustworthy and efficient.

    Trustworthy- I worked with both a realtor and SYHD to see where I could make the most profit and quick turnaround with an old home that I was renting. Now since I have never really heard of and or any of my friends dealt with, this kind of sale. I was skeptical of the whole process. But Marcel did an awesome job of breaking down the process and in the end; it was all exactly how he explained it to me from the beginning.

    Efficient- As I stated previously, the whole process worked out flawlessly and I don’t see why this is not a popular process. He mentioned that nothing was going to be required from me, other than my signatures and cooperation. Everything was handled and provided in an expeditious manner and without the common headaches of all the paperwork related to escrow and closing. The escrow office utilized was very helpful and every time I called with a question, the phone was always answered and questions answered.

    If you are looking to sell your home without putting it on the market and having to deal with closing costs and those headaches, then this is definitely the way to go. The best part is no closing costs, all paperwork is done by them, and quick closing. I started the process in the first week of May 2014 and closed the last week of June 2014.

    Brian Mckinney

    I thought the whole process was pretty seamless. You were right on time for your initial visit, you spoke with clarity about how the whole process would unfold, and then were pretty much in constant communication with me until the Escrow Closed. My son said that the contractors (Termite Inspector & Job Estimator) were also very professional when they arrived to do their part.

    I also want to say how helpful Heritage Escrow was. I actually drove out to their office and they walked me through all the paperwork while explaining everything very carefully. Their monetary estimates and time projections were pretty much right on the numbers.

    So, in summary, I would recommend Sell Your House Direct without question to someone who was looking to sell their property.

    Corey Oswalt

    Hi my name is Corey Oswalt, I’m active duty military and I ended up getting orders to be stationed overseas, got stuck with a house I was in the middle of renovating. I did some research online and that’s how I found Sell Your House Direct.

    They have been one of the most professional and easiest to work with. When I first got the orders, I was looking to do a traditional sale and with that, it became a longer and drawn out process. Marcel from Sell Your House Direct contacted me and made the process extremely easy. Marcel was probably the most courteous and professional person I’ve dealt with in the process and the offer that he gave me on my home was the best one that was presented to me because I had such a short timeline before I had to transfer overseas.

    Sell Your House Direct made the process extremely easy. Marcel and Neva were in constant contact and answered any questions I had and actually took a big load off my shoulders and made the process of moving a lot easier.

    Andre Arnold

    I inherited the property from my mother but it was hard for me to sell considering I lived in Los Angeles. The communication from Sell Your House Direct have been nothing short of professional. We agreed on a fair price for the property considering the condition the house was in, closed the deal fast, and I walked out with money in my pocket. They completed this process without having me leave LA! I highly recommend them.

    Irene Frieze

    Everything worked quite smoothly with the sale of my condo. I was pleased when they agreed to cover all closing costs. They were also quite helpful in working with my tenant who needed to move out after being in the unit many years. They agreed to give him extra time, and arranged to meet with him to get the keys and check the unit before he left.

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